Vampire Academy Trailer? Is it me, or shit just got real?

August 16, 2013

When Richelle Mead announced that the trailer was coming in some TV channel I never heard off, I freaked out! I mean, I'm Portuguese which means I live in Portugal (duhh) that means no access to other channels out there. (not even in the internet, because it was blocked). So, I made myself calm down and breath, and five long minutes later there it was on Facebook!  The trailer. Happy dancing ^.^

Am I the only one that saw things in here that were never in the book?

Unknown Parts:

Like, 0:28 to 0:31? What's with the awkward pause? It should be a natural procedure for them, because they have been doing it for two years... and then Rose goes and says this: What are friends for?. Dude, NOOOOO. They are supposed to be like sisters, not awkward friends...

The, 0:37? What speech is that? Do I need to start taking vitamins for my head or are they inventing things?  I seriously do not remember that speech.

0:39 to 0:41? First, why is Rose hiding underneath the desk (with a computer) while the woman is killing What's-his-face? That never happened. Ever. And is it just me again or those naked dudes and lady writing on the wall belong in Nightmare On Elm Street? Don't remember those either...

There is load of fighting scenes that I also do not recognize but I will wait to see more of them and then comment.

Awesome and Hot parts:

0:11 to 0:23. The introduction is so freaking awesome! Like fall-on-the-floor-with-excitement awesome! But doesn't it make it look like a chick-flick. I don't care, it's amazing...

0:42 to 0:44? Dimitri (comrade) and Rose (Rosa)... Oh man, major smile on my face right now.

0:43 to 0:50. Pure Awesomeness. Fighting, more fighting. Explosions and stakes... Hospitals and fire. My god... I so cannot wait for this...

Final Thoughts?

The song is brutal! I think this trailer is fantastic but not exactly living up to our expectation, so let's hope that the next one is even greater and that February comes real fast! Like now!

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