Stripped by Jasinda Wilder. Wild or Mild...?

August 18, 2013

I am so happy that I haven't read a bad book in so long! And this one kept the trend and was far better than I'd hoped. The concept of a good 'ol sheltered pastor's daughter getting in this business of strip-tease, was alluring on it's own. And add a movie star who makes your blood pump faster and also has that difficult personality but in the end he's a sweetheart, my lord. We have ourselves a hit.

She's a stripper struggling to pay her college bills to become a filmmaker, he's a movie star who she'll have to shadow in order to learn the ropes of the business, but he's also her customer. Grey and Dawson come from two different pasts and both of them have their nightmares that they wish to forget. They will have to go a long way until they find a meeting point for them and realize that trusting another person is not that bad in the end.

Is it possible that a book about a stripper can be innocent as well? This one was, it had all the despair and disgust of undressing for men for money, yet when the book stops focusing on that it has this innocence, sweet vibe to it about a girl and a boy trying to make it past their problems. It's endearing yet heartfelt at the same time. And if you think that this book is all about the strip and finding a guy, and blah... you're wrong. It's about overcoming problems that life throws you and coming out of them with your head held high. It deals with self-esteem, loss and many other common problems you see.

Grey (I don't fancy the name though) is simple. She doesn't have the greatest of personalities and sometimes I think that she's a bit flat, but with the whole story she fits in. And man, it annoys me so much when the lead girl is a crier, I am sorry but I cannot stand girl who constantly cries. It's so dam annoying. I get that her life is tough and shit, but come on, throwing up and crying every day? It's overreacting. About Grey, she's described as this perfectly imperfect person, but when she's described physically she's  this busty, with big ass, blonde and grey eyes girl and it takes all the fun away. I want to know something bad about my lead girl, something that makes her human, and I didn't felt  like I had that coming from Grey. I get, that she's though and what she's been trough is bad, but I couldn't feel it from her.
 Giving a girl a debit card with access to millions of dollars? Good thing for him I’m not a material girl. I would never go and spend a bunch of money on diamonds and clothes and shoes.
Dawson is typical pretty guy, with a cocky attitude who has the world wrapped around his little finger and has no real problem! He's perfect and that's a turn off. I'm sorry again but I cannot like a guy that has no life experience and is spoiled. I don't get the attraction on that. But without that, in the book I loved him. He was caring, thoughtful and very charming without being fucking annoying. BUT, who the fuck gives a girl he barely knows the keys to a VERY EXPENSIVE car? UNREAL and not cool (mainly because no one gives one to me as well, but also because it's stupid). My god, he was a hot movie star... I could swoon for days with this information. Oh, I just realized that WTF was he doing in a strip club? (Not WHAT, but WHY?) I mean, he has every girl he wants and he goes to a strip club? I'm going to think about it but it doesn't sound convincing.
Girlfriends are a dime a dozen. I could snap my fingers and have six girlfriends, one for every day of the week and Sunday off. I don’t want that. I’ve had that. It’s boring. I want you.”
There was not really any other character. Asides Grey's dad (major jerk but nice in the end) and what's his face bodyguard... who I wanted to see more? But asides from Grey and Dawson, there was no other developed character... None... It's a thing that I did not liked about this book because a good book needs at least a good friend and confident. At least.
 “No daughter of mine will engage in any such lewd and sinful behavior as dancing,” Daddy says to me, his blue eyes blazing. “It is gross and immodest and entirely sexual. I’ve seen the kind of dancing those…those harlots engage in at that so-called academy. You will not attend.”
My goodness, the cars.... A Bugatti, a Ferrari, a BMW and every good thing out there. I admit that sometimes I paid more attention to the cars then the dialogue itself... And the need for speed,  my god, total meltdown...

 I like stripped, but I did not loved it. Yes, it surprised me and it was good but it won't be a book that I'll remember in four months away...

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