The Sound by Sarah Alderson

August 11, 2013

Did not saw it coming!! I've heard really good things about Sarah Alderson and her books but never actually read one. So this was a new experience that I completely loved because it was the perfect blend between a really good serial killer book with a thrilling romance!
Ren Kingston is a British girl that accepted a job as a nanny for a very wealthy family on a very exclusive island. All she expects from the summer is spending days reading books, listening to music and occasionally take care of the kids... But when Ren starts to hang out with the rich kids with dark secrets, with a boy that has every reason to hate them and a serial killer that targets Nanny's only, her summer is about to become much more complicated that she initially though... 
The Sound... Just the name alone gives me the shills and for an young adult book, it was a pretty dark and chilling read. The cover is amazing and I confess that it was a decisive point in whether or not to read the book (guilty) but soon enough I had to obliterate my thoughts because they proved to be wrong. This is not just a pretty cover, it's much much more. It's exciting, deceiving (I felt dumb in the end...), very scary, fresh and downright amazing!  
Is there anyone on this whole entire island who hasn’t pulled every other person on this island?

I did not expected to like Ren as much as I did. At first I was like: oh no, another innocent clueless girl... But then POW - SURPRISE. It was like after the second chapter I was inside the story and living it with her. She's interesting and very clever, and the most important part was that she never went with what the others said and never judged someone just because and instead went to get her own conclusions.(Jesse)  I loved that she was British, so the difference in the words crated some funny situations, and her determination and sense of humor are rocking.
Some people have tequila to send them into catatonic oblivion, I have music.
Jesse is an angry guy, that's for sure. But he has reasons. Reasons that you won't find out until two thirds of the book, but it's okay.  I felt his anger and motivation all throughout the story and even without knowing what was his problem I felt like supporting him and even help him kick someone in the shins. He's a pretty strong character that really has a lot of importance in the story and made it all much more interesting!
There are guys with attitude, and then there’s this guy.
Jeremy, Matt and Bitch Tyler. Yes, Bitch!... I am amazed at how easily I was deceived by their pretty faces, but I guess that that's why Sarah Alderson is such a good writer. I should have known...I am never, ever trusting anyone who has a nice smile and rock hard chest again!!! Because they were dickheads, all of them... And Jeremy even though I have mixed feeling for you, you are a fucking moron...
This book really portrays that bitchiness girls emanate from themselves to other girls. It was like a cat fight the whole time and some of them should have their trust fund cut and see if they like it... But I liked that all of the girls were all very different form each other and could create some interesting mix of groups.
Brodie is amazing as a wing woman even though she's only four... The killer is not someone you will be expecting (just saying) and it blew me away!
Sarah Alderson convinced me to read any other book that she publishes, seriously EVERY OTHER BOOK... That's how freaking good this book is...

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