Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6) by Ilona Andrews

August 01, 2013

Kate Daniels and the Beast Lord have a pack to run and they try to do the best they can, but there are things  that even both of them can't control. There is a crisis that stops the shapeshifting children to turn adults and the only cure available is to be offered in exchange of a favour that will threaten the cost of many of the pack's life's. They have to watch over a pregnant girl who is a treasure to three packs from europe, the girl that carries the babies that will decide who will Rule. They know that this "easy task" may include much more than babysitting because they are sure that they are walking straight into a trap.

Finally, His Furiness and The Consort, are back! After so long waiting for what would happen next and who would try to kill Kate, it's overwhelming to have the book with me!! I swear when i got the book i was like: Fuuuuuck, it's going to be good. And now after reading it:

Ilona Andrews is the master when it comes to Urban Fantasy. If you think that there is an author that can top this book, well, think again! These book are like my Top Favorites ever and i guard them like a hound dog - "My Precious!!" It's just so freaking amazing, all the characters, the world building, the feelings... everything!

This books keep getting better and better! Better covers, better fight scenes and better plots, each time! They are all so full of action and cutting edge personas, that will make you go insanely in love with them...

The first few pages nearly gave me an heart attack. Because it started with a major problem already! Not even a joke in the middle, i was crushed...  But moving on, this book is a major Fuck You to Kate and Curran's enemies! It was like: You can try but you know it's just a waste of time.

The thing i love most about these books it's Kate's attitudes. She does not like rules or be told what to do, and that makes her a badass. It's not everyone who talks back to the Beast Lord... But she does it well. In the first part, there is a tenderness related with Julie, that really suited Kate. And then, there was determination to save Julie's friend from the disease that kills most of the shapeshifting childs, and to get the medicine no matter what and even knowing she was walking into a trap! Some may call it stupidity, i call it braveness.  And since that it was a mix of feelings that went from: Jealousy (You will see why), doubt and even insecurity, all because of the pack "rules" for a Consort... Uhg,  wanted to punch someone so badly  but then Kate did it for me! You go, girl. 

Curran, you authoritarian-fury-beast! I missed him... and his slightly annoying ways. I loved how that he's written in a way that you forget that he's a big-Badass Lion and then POW there is a big-gigantic-as-fuck lion in front of you, and you go like: Whaaaaat? And then Drop dead on the floor. 
The moment you looked into his gray irises, you knew he would tolerate no challenge to his authority, and if his eyes turned gold, you knew you were going to die. In a fit of cosmic irony, he had fallen in love with me. I challenged his authority on a weekly basis.
Curran is really something special because you can read the power he imposes in the letters of the book, you can feel it and it gives you the chills. But then incomes Kate and he turns into this loving, caring, deep guy who would run the world over to save her and give up everything for her! It's endearing. 
“I finally realized the source of your mutual attraction,” Saiman said, his voice dry. 
I looked up. He was standing a few feet away. “Do enlighten us.” 
Curran tried to roll into me to break the lock. 
Oh no you don’t. 
“You both think violence is foreplay.”
I do admit though, he was a jackass during the most part of the book! Don't get me started on Lorelai: Bitch, go back to hell and die. Yes, he was an idiot but it was obvious he was doing it for Kate (Not really and my eyes bugged out of my head for a while, but i like to think i knew the whole time he hadn't really turned into an imbecile.) 
Curran never did anything without a reason and he was so controlled, even his one-night stands were premeditated.

You know what makes this book this good? The diversity in the secondary characters, they are pure awesomeness and without them this book wouldn't worth a dime. Kate's "entourage" or "group" are the best. I loved them to bits. And the best part? There were loads of new shifters introduced and one more to join their gang! And you can always tell who is who by their personalities : There is the funny one. There it goes the mad one. The crazy one. The witty one. And they all make one hell of diversified team that can kick anyone's ass!
Barabas gave a small predatory smile. “People love to talk and I love to listen. Being a handsome devil doesn’t hurt either. I am charming.” 
“And so full of humility as well.” 
There is a character returning that had my head spinning! Hugh d'Ambray! I hate that i fell for his theatre, because at first i liked him and all his remarks and fights and now I am like:

Hugh smiled. Your teeth are too perfect, Hugh. I can totally help you with that.

Magic Rises by Ilona andrews is a book that won't be easy to forget and forgive. There will be many things in which you will want to run away screaming but if you stick around 'til the end, it will be worth it. It's a great book that won't let you rest until it's finished and at the same time it will give you time to adjust to the changes with it's humor. It's funny and sarcastic, lethal and downright amazing. Loved it!

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