Zoey Rogue (Incubatti, #1) by Lizzy Ford

August 21, 2013

There are tons of books about vampires, about werewolves but about succubus and incubus there are almost no decent books.  It's unfair for us, that prefer this demons to the others more common and vulgar. Zoey Rogue is a different book that is certain to make you hold your breath due to the constant lack of self-perseverance from Zoey, and ever present confidence emanating from Declan. These two are a pair I could read about all day long.
She flushed, eyes glittering. "We're a good pair, aren't we?"
"Complete opposites." He smiled 

Three Strikes. Three Nights. It's all it takes to Zoey lose the freedom she loves and for Declan to win the soul mate he needs. And with Zoey trying to stop that from happening and be normal and with a growing attraction leading her closer to Declan each time and their different personalities clashing, there are bound to be some problems. But what happens when those problems overtop the strong bond they share?

I haven't read a book about this in so long. I am addicted to the series Lost girl, so I am kind of addicted to succubus so I though to give this book a go, and it was far better than what I hoped. It was so funny with constant wits and the frequent use of sarcasm, it was risky due to the whole team of succubus (Team R) fighting the Cambions with all these weapons and Bruce-lee moves and most important, it was cute because of the constant refusal of the bond by Zoey and knowing looks from Declan saying : Yeah, right... You'll be back by tonight.

If you don't know what Cambions are, they are the sons of incubus with humans, and they are like super mean and nasty. They basically kidnap girls and kill them after feeding of their energy to make them stronger. And team R was created just to kill them...

Zoey is a girl that no one can control no matter how hard they try. It's just not possible and trust me when I say that many people tried. She's a rebel and does not like rules, but at the same time she's brave and strong whilst being sweet. That's often a hard combination the make but Zoey nailed it. I completely fell in love with her because she made such a strong impact from the first page and you just can't help it, she's adorable but she has this toughness in having to deal with her sex energy that takes a lot of her and fighting guys to protect innocent girls. Zoey is a modern day hero.
"Sleeping with the enemy. It's fucked up"
Declan had my nerves on edge the whole time because I just knew he was eventually screw things up, and guess what? He did... I liked him in the start and I though he could be a really good combination with Zoey because they are so different, and he's an authority figure and she's an outlaw... I was right, but I was also wrong. They are awesome together but Declan is a dick. I rest my case on him here, because I am super mad about what he did in the end...
"You're never getting to strike three," she said with a wicked grin. 
"My kitten tries to roar but all I hear is a tiny little meow," he teased. 
Vikki is my hero... She's awesome but I wished that she wouldn't be so influenced by the "Bond" thing with Liam, because it's basically girl rules to protect your friends over your guy.  And she kind of spilled the secrets every time. I know she couldn't help it with all the mind reading and shit, but come on... I really liked the bond she had with Zoey, you don't see that often and I could tell all the pass between them and all the sisterhood thing going on...  
"Hey, Wes, can you get us grenades?" Vikki asked
"I'd trust a two-year-old with grenades over you two."
"Ouch," Zoey muttered 
Zoey Rogue is like a preparation to the next book Zoey Avenger, which is the book I will die if I don't have in my hands soon. It has all the fighting, lying, scheming and romance you may want with a different edge to it. The characters are awesomely constructed and the story is vicious. I never read nothing by Lizzy Ford but I will have to catch up on that because this was just amazing.

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