Biting Bad (Chicagoland Vampires, #8) by Chloe Neill

August 07, 2013

Man, i wished i could be like Merit and eat all the good stuff without consequences, have a hot-as-hell boyfriend named Ethan and killer Katana's skills... And Jonah ^.^

Biting Bad puts Chicago in danger once more. Rioter's are making a move on the Vampire Houses, targeting all vampires as their enemy number one and destroying vampire associated properties with Molotov cocktails and extreme violence. Merit and her allies, must once more find the brain behind this organization and end it before one of them gets killed...

I start reading it, annnnnnnnnnnd it's over.... You know what annoys me in Chloe Neill books? They are so good that you lose track of time and also that I gain about 1 kg because Merit makes me hungry... Every damn time! But this series are definitely my all-time favorites...

Merit and Ethan's relationship, i don't know what happened, but this relationship turned from casual dating to serious dating! Like "marriage" dating... I was like: Hell yeah! And Ethan is a fucking prick, because all throughout the book he hinted this, hinted that! I think we have a marriage in the next book. Just saying! Though I wanted to see some interference in this relationship, like Jonah or some flirty girl to spice things up a bit... I wanted some more jealousy and the fire of a good fight between them. They are exciting and awesome still, but with some provocation they would be much better...
Ethan groaned. "To business already, Sentinel? So much for, Good morning, Liege. I love you, Liege." He managed a remarkably bad imitation of my voice, then feigned sweeping hair over his shoulder. 
"I don't do that."
"You do," he said, grinning.
Jonah is a big presence in here. Though i wanted a "no shirts allowed" fight between him and Ethan again... Or some steamy moments between him and Merit... For a second i almost wished Merit had choose him, but that second vanished quite easily.

 Ethan is dreamy as always (well, of course) but now it's like he appreciates the little things more, live valentine's day and stuff like that, that for a four century vampire has no interest in... And he starts to enjoy them and be more attentive to everyone else... It made him in a way, more human.

This book is all about the fight! Exciting, dangerous, badass fighting! Seriously, you can't get enough of it. It's like you know it will happen but even  though it's predictable, you freaking love it! Also, Biting Bad was one of the books i liked the best because of the "bigger" problem, which i thought it was very different and interesting, and because of the characters. They seem to be underlined and they stand out so much better. Like Luc and Lindsey, Grandpa and even Scott... all of them are so amazing and different from each other...

Malory is back with her witchy stuff and blue hair! Even after all the things she has done, give her some slack people! She's different and finally learned to use her magic in a good way, in a productive way that she can help others with... I love her and that means that Catcher comes as an extra! Well, i don't know if it's possible, but he managed to look even more mean and angry than in every other book... This two characters along with Jeff, do give life to the book (pun intended) but they are so different that they have to be awesome together.

Biting Bad is effin' A! With it's ever present Humor and action packed stunts... This world of vampires, shifters and fairies is complex whilst being real enough that you actually get lost in it. Chloe Neill rocked the stage once more!!

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