Afterburn (Afterburn & Aftershock, #1) by Sylvia Day... It was love at first sight for this book...

August 18, 2013

When you pick a book by Sylvia day you are sure of two things. First is that it's going to be steamy hot and second it's going to be messy. Sylvia Day writes books with such intensity that she manages to create almost a movie with her words, you find yourself imagining every single detailed scene... Also, what made her one of my favorite writers was the fact that her characters are real, are cunning and passionate but flawed.  

Afterburn has exactly that, it didn't let down and I though that the Crossfire series were going to be hard to top but I found myself enjoying the nastiness and competitiveness of Gia and Jax.

I was smitten, not just because it's a book by Sylvia day, but the storyline seemed incredible.
You have a brokenhearted girl that doesn't let a men step on her toes so she's willing to be a smart about it (and a bitch) and prove him that he loves her.  But in the other hand you have a stubborn guy, who takes is last name as a death sentence and he does not want commitment fearing it will take Gia down with him. He's a Rutledge, and they are vicious and he represents every bit of it.

 The best thing about this couple was that they already had a bitter story behind them and now being back in each other life's it's exciting and new, and even better is that now Gia wants him on her terms and she's about to play dirty. I mean, this is the Bitch and the Beast. How can you not love that? They will compete, they will fight and they will not play fair, because the ultimate goal is for them to shred what's keeping them apart and finally be together as a couple and have a future. They are completely irritating and very intense. It's like the cat and the mouse game...
“Forgive me for asking, Gianna—but did you love Jackson?”  
“I thought we loved each other.”  
Lei sighed. “I wish that was one lesson women didn’t have to learn the hard way.”

Gia is not a quitter. She's resilient and strong and so willing to fight the bigger dogs out there to get what she wants. A female lead character has to have fire in her to make her interesting, has to go fight for her goals and Gia is the perfect role model for it. She knows her assets and knows how to play them well because she's smart. Oh, and she didn't annoyed me ONCE! That's a miracle. But she's so compelling to read about that I forgot everything else.
“You were made for me,” he said fiercely. “No one else, Gia. You’re mine.”
Jax is a major asshat. Like, he cockblocks himself by always screwing up! Everything may be fine, but then you have to find out something, or he'll do something and BOOM there you go out the door Jax.  He's so dreamy. Strong, dedicated, alpha like, a player and very irritating?  Sign me up please!  And the most important is that he's determined to get the woman he loves back, at every cost... P.S: Don't let yourself get bedazzled by him, he's an idiot.
Jackson Rutledge never took a day off. He worked hard, played hard, fucked hard.

Secondary characters are also something that Sylvia Day is a pro on. Family, friends, bosses, you name it and she gives it to you. In here is more the family and the boss. The Rossi's and Rutledge's, a big Italian family versus one who does shady business's. In the Rossi's there is this proximity and brotherhood that you can feel right on the spot, it's familiar and endearing because it makes you feel like home. The Rutledge's are cold.  And the boss is Lei, I loved her because of her energy and capability to stand out even though she doesn't have many spotlights...
Jax pushed out the chair opposite him with his foot. “The more Rossis the merrier.” Sadly, the more Rutledges the scarier. And that had shaped Jax into the man he was.
Afterburn was just the tease we needed to start another series, because it's not complete but it compels us to read the next one as soon as it comes out. It's like a warm up for a really awesome series to come.  It will drive you insane and it will make you swear like a sailor, but it's so worth the time...

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