Keeping Never (Never Say Never, #3) by C.M. Stunich

August 10, 2013

Keeping Never was the most serious yet charming book in the Never Say Never series. Though it all turned out for the best i kept hitting my head on the table and pulling out my hair due to the stress this book gives. Never and Ty keep playing with each other and giving me mini heart attacks each time... It's exhausting and you reach the end with a fried mind, but it's soooo good and it was the last book? NOOOOOO....

Never's past is out in the open for Ty, no more secrets or lies. Well, except that she hasn't told him that she's pregnant yet but she does not count that as a lie when Ty has an unknown past that he refuses to share. But with bad news reaching Ty he will be obligated to go deep into his past, to finally tell us the story that we all wanted to know no matter the pain it will give him. Because he has to face it and let it go, to finally have the future he always wanted but never thought he deserved...
“To love even though you hate is the greatest accomplish of all. To forgive when you thirst for revenge is the greatest triumph of all.”
This book is definitely directioned towards Ty more, 'cause he will have to face his demons and learn to fight the urge to give in to temptation in order to forget. We all knew that ty's past was horrid and sad but to hear it being told by him it's even worse, because you just want to hurt everyone who has hurt him.... But it's a victory that he has finally managed to share his life, his secret with Never. Yes, he was sort of a dick most of the times, but that's our Ty! Because after being a complete douchebag to her he made the sweetest things for Never, he listened to her and cared for her. That was what really attracted me to his character: his need to fight for Never and build a better life for both of them, together because from the start he knew she was IT for him...
There is all of this … this crap inside my heart and I don't know how to process it. Can you help me? If I really, really ask for your help, if I lean on you, will I break you? That's the last thing I want, truly. I'm having terrible thoughts, Never. I keep thinking that I should go out and find another girl, throw my pain into her and let her deal with it after I leave. I feel like I shouldn't be burdening you with this stuff, but then … I could never do that to you. Never, Never.
Never has to face some messed up things in the story. I think this is the hardest book on her because it will make her see red and at the same time will make her dizzy with love... or maybe that's just the pregnancy.... stupid hormones... Omg, She's one month pregnant and she's constantly cursing out on the kid, it's hilarious... But it will be hard on her to hear Ty's story and even harder to support him when all she wants is to smack someone really hard, and let's face it that it's not easy to deal with Ty. And he will push her back and create an emotional wall between them and Never will have to face all of that and call out his bullshit. It will be hard but Never is a fucking force to reckoned with so i wasn't really worried...
I promise then and there to prove myself not just to Ty, not just to this baby, not just to this family, but to a person long neglected who is overdue for a bit of respect: myself.

Never's sisters. Can you please start having boys? Because i think that's too many crazy girls in one single house...  If you thought you were over with them in the final book, you were wrong because they are stronger than never. And that's good because all of their support really helped Never and Ty a lot. And having Never return her sisterly bonds with them helped them as well, especially India and Beth.

Noah. He's a fucking angel. I swear if he does not find his happily ever after i am going crazy! He needs to be with Zella, forget Never and be happy because he is one of those rare guys that truly deserve it. There better be a book about him and Zella, like, fast....
Noah is a one of a kind guy – no, human being. Noah is a one of a kind human being who actually puts others before himself. We could all learn a lot from tasting just a little bit of the world's Noah Scotts.
What's great about these books it's that in each story there aren't too many things going on, it's rather very small things. But all of them have an immense importance and are indispensable to the whole series. It's a simple book but with great meaning and full of emotion that will make you surrender to C.M. Stunich's writing and fall even more in love with the Never say Never series.

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