Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters!! Anxiety overload?

August 16, 2013

So, first things first. Anyone who is a fan of the Vampire Academy books should be having a freak-out right now because the trailer is out in the open, and let me tell you that it's not the best one but to see that we will have a movie made for us fans out there is amazing on it's own. And they only finished filming 3 weeks ago, so we have to give them a break and let the other trailers wow us a bit more! 
First the cover! OMG isn't it dangerously beautiful?  Just like every single character that we love... Prepare to be tested. Game on people, this is publicly challenging us to love it or go home. So for the cover I think no one can say that they are sad about it because this is over the top!
Main Cast...

Zoey Deutch.

 At first I kind of freaked out because Rose is supposed to be this exotic, fierce beauty and I couldn't see none of that on this actress. But Richelle Mead created this characters, this world so we had to trust her judgment and trust her to not let us down. And now, I think Zoey is going to be a great Rose.  In the trailer she really portrayed the rebel yet dedicated friend she is. And come on, Zoey Deutch is really beautiful and kind of has an edge to her look that I think Rose could use as well...  And I am really excited to see the Queen of sarcasm on TV!!!!

Lucy Fry.

Oh no, I always thought that her place was in the sea being a mermaid, not in the Vampire Academy movie playing a Moroi Vampire. I confess that I do not like the choice for her character, at all. She is nice and really pretty, but she hasn't got the delicate look and fierceness that Lissa needs and I am not sure if she can portray it. I guess that we just have to wait and see...

 Danila Kozlovsky.  

To everybody who says that he's not the perfect Dimitri, I say Off with your head! Look at him, I have never heard of him before but when they announced him as Dimitri I was like: Swoon... He has a badass look and he's really handsome in all his Russian self. And the most important? He and Zoey Deutch really made a connection on the set of the movie and they have great chemistry (as friends people), and we need that in the movie. We hungry fans need some romance mixed with awesome fighting scenes and great sarcasm!

 Look at this and tell me if it isn't the cutest thing ever!:

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