Shooting Scars (The Artist Trilogy, #2) by Karina Halle... It's f*cking hot in here!

August 22, 2013

I normally don't do teams or sides but this book brought that dark side out of me. So, I used to be on Camden's side in the first book, but guess what? I changed sides. I'm voting for Javier, the Mexican, dark-haired, drug leader... I know it sounds bad, but man. That man is to die for (no pun intended).

Now, that Ellie went with Javier to spare Camden and his family she's in way over her head with danger. She will have to face the past and the man that disfigured her leg many years a go, and she will get her revenge even if it means to loose the good side of her for good.
Camden has to find Ellie. After being setup by his wife and brothers he goes in a blind chase, tracking Javier every move to find her. But can he bring her back when she does not want to leave?

I think that this book showed us the secret dark side of Ellie. And you know what? I liked that side more than the redeeming one, because that one was boring and this new one is exciting and bold. Just like I always though Ellie was. And I realized that who brings these darker ways out of her is Javier and that's why I am vouching for him, because he liberates the true Ellie. The dangerous, conning Ellie. And that makes her that much more fascinating.
His lips trailed down to my ear. “I don’t have a soul,” he said softly. “You make me feel like I do.”
Javier was awesome on this book. In the previous book we saw him as this merciless killer and for only a few pages, but in here there is a new depth in him and we got to see a bit of the truer him. A sweeter, caring, calculus side of him.  He really loves Ellie, but the problem is that he does not have a heart. He doesn't know how to love and that really saddened me, though I think Ellie could change him for the best. I think they both complete each other... Also, Javier added a mafia feel to this that I loved.
“I’m glad I disgust you. The more you feel these things so strongly, the more you’ll realize how right I am. That you and I are the same. That I can help you get what I have—the power, the pride, the respect. I can make you my queen. And you’ll give up on trying to be good, to be better. You are better now.”

I used to love Clark Kent lookalikes: AKA Camden... But now I sort of can't stand him. He became too goodie two shoes, it's sort of annoying. Yes, he focused in his dangerous side, with all the car chasings, gun shootings and fierce fighting's... But my, I still  couldn't look at him with the same eyes. Not to mention that his part of the book whilst trying to look for Ellie was boring as hell. He just wants the good Ellie and doesn't accept that she has a darker side that needs to be set free. But as usual, of course she will end up with him and Javier will be left alone.  As usual...
She left me in a cloud of dust, a swirl of crushed cherry blossoms that choked my heart.

We see Ellie's parents! OMG, I wanted to punch someone when we saw her mother. Couldn't she keep her mouth shut? just saying...

Fuck you Travis. Ellie should have killed you when she had the chance.

Gus, I loved him. But I wanted to see more of his story and his secrets...

This book is so exciting and puts your heart running miles... My god, I seriously died a bit in every single chapter because it was so not going the way I wanted. but oh well, let's hope the next book brings some luck to Javier and Ellie and some BAD luck to Travis...

This was the book off turmoil because all the relationships were tested and there were a lot of danger lurking on the sidewalk. This is a good ol' mafia book and it's downright amazing!

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