Extinguish by J.M Darhower

August 15, 2013

One... Two... Three... Four...
I declare war.

I´m Hyperventilating... I loved it but WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? I'm still deciding whether to HATE or LOVE the ending because it was SO NOT what I was expecting, but somehow it was a million times better. Oh Serah, why u make me cry? Extinguish was Awesome, Sinful, Lovable, Adorable, Provocative, Dangerous, Hellish and so Amazing...
"What's the matter, angel?" he taunted. "Are you scared? Of little ol' me?"

Serah is an angel who has been given a task: stop Lucifer from starting the Apocalypse. She will have to meet the king of hell and convince him to give up on his seek for revenge, but she will be surprised when she starts to see him with kindness, fondness even because it is forbidden. But with the king of sins, all of her beliefs will be tested and her faith will be put to proof...

Happy Dancing to the max! First page: Nha, too pretty for my taste. Rest of the book: Bring it on motherfucker! This book brought all the nastiness that was stored inside of me out, i wanted to punch the good guy (Michael) so bad and kick the bad guy (Lucifer) as well, because they all were a bunch of self-centered assholes. I don't care if they are "angels" or "devils" because they were pricks... But they were handsome pricks.
"Give in to it, angel." 
"Give in to what?" 
"The hunger," he said, his tongue slowly running across his bottom lip. "The need. Give in to the craving. Give in to me." 
"Never," she whispered, the word impulsively tumbling from her lips, no conviction in her feeble voice.
I found a song that fits Michael and Lucifer strangely well:
One way or another I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I'm gonna win ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
See? Perfect description of their relationship. All throughout the book they were anxious to fight one another, it drove me crazy. Like it was not Lucifer's fault that he started to question things... Grow up and be brothers again. Please!

I haven't decided if i like Michael or not, i do because he is nice and all powerful but i don't like that he seems to have a stick up his ass the entire time. It's seems like we are all doing him a favor by being on his side and in the end he surprises us like that! I don't know and i wished to have meet him a bit more, because there is not a lot of information regarding him in the book, it's all just superficial things... And his love for Serah didn't won me over at all.
"Yes, but so are all the other angels. Out of all of them, why me?" 
"Why are you filled with so much insecurity?" he asked. "We found love together a long time ago. Why question things now?"
Serah was kind of the heavenly, perfect, good, ethereal girl. She might sound a bit perfect in her description but she's a rebel. She will put questions and find a way to find her answers (eyebrow raising suspiciously!), she will not settle for commands from a higher force and that makes her a badass angel. We Start seeing her as an angel and angels cannot feel anything. Though Serah wants that experience and when she starts breaking the rules she will get what she wants, but it will come with a cost. Which added a really good story line and the interest needed in this otherwise perfect character. From the start when i saw that she was involved with Michael i didn't exactly liked it but when you put Lucifer in the game, Man this love triangle had me freaking out the entire time. But she was a girl that i felt had an injustice at the end, i didn't felt like she deserved the ending she got!
"I see beauty and goodness in everything—even you, Luce. And as long as that’s there, I can never turn away from it."
Lucifer you sneaky little bastard. At the beginning he was everything a King of hell should be. Mean, tortured, ugly even. But then when Serah crosses his path and he starts to get a glimpse of her grace, he changes. He becomes more aware of everything around him. Don't get me wrong because he's still mean and a jackass, but more of a kind jackass. It's is only me that got nervous when he punished someone? Because he could be a mean motherfucker sometimes. And his description? My, my, blue eyes and dark hair, with the biggest of black wings. If that's hell, then sign me up. (well, not really but you know...)
After a moment, he let out a deep sigh. Pressing his lips to hers, he kissed her softly, sweetly, an innocent gesture for a creature they called "The Devil."
I wanted to meet Samuel.. Like not just memories of him but actually meet him, though i really enjoyed his ending. (Even cried a little bit, but no one needs to know that!)
"Yep," Samuel said. "Imagine having that dude as a brother. Makes me look a million times better, huh?" Serah dramatically scrunched up her nose. "Eh, I guess you're okay."

This book is not all about the love. It's about revenge in the worst form possible. And if you are going to venture in this book i have to say that you cannot trust no none. It's full of secrets and lies in disguise. It makes you doubt the good in people and praise the bad. And what i loved the most was that it specialized on one Sin: Lust. Pure, raw Lust.  The story draws you in and makes you read it until the very end. It's fast paced and terrorizing..

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