The Heat (The Big Bad Wolf, #1) by Heather Killough-Walden

August 12, 2013

Vampires + Werewolves? My god, when I though it couldn't get any better this author decides to mix both species into one... Werewolves with "fangs" who like to drink blood. Interesting. And just when I also though that this couldn't possible work, because it was kind of pointless, I had to swallow my words because this book was great. Heather is a genius...
Lily St. Claire just moved back to her hometown after ten years away and with that comes reunions with old friends and an even older crush. And now, divided between two Werewolves who will fight for their claim as her mate and a serial killer who targets the wolves, she must decide on which side she will be and who to fight for.
This book is fast. From the very first page you get loads of emotions that will last right until the last word on the book. And there is always something happening, and let me tell you that this book has tons of things to be done. There are at least three kidnappings, lots of fire and even more blood. It's exciting and new and so very HOT!
Lily S.t Claire was a character that I did not liked at first because she was too cliché and the perfect everything type. But I made and effort to get used to her and now I love that she's a badass and can tell scary werewolves to go stick it where the sun doesn't shine (Which is all the time because they are a bunch of pricks). She got me hanging on her every move and I found myself understanding her better than any other character...
Oh, little Lily…. She had no idea what she’d done. She’d come wandering innocently back into his world – like Little Red Riding Hood.

Daniel, Oh Daniel... I fucking loved him... (That's all!)
When he spoke, it was with a rumbling growl that was completely inhuman. “You can run, cher. And I can try my damnedest not to hunt you down,”
Who loves big, possessive, know it all Alphas? Big bad wolves? I do... And when they are written like this, in a very animalistic way I think that they are so much better. Finally a werewolves who actually acts like one. And it's impulsive and mean and angry. That's an animal and sometimes people forget that "Alphas" werewolves are men  with an animal side... They are not mean to act normal, they are meant to have awesome glowing eyes filled with emotion like anger, love and adrenaline, and they are meant to be Badass and drive giant, black Harleys (That's optional but it makes them super awesome)... And This book gives us just that!
The "serial Killer" was kind of obvious the whole time but strangely I didn't gave a shit about it. Because it was scary as fuck that he was a psycho and I am glad that he got his ass kicked...
The whole fact that this had a sort of a "love triangle" was good, because it enticed the jealousy within the men. Though I wanted more of Cole!
A big bad wolf romance surprised me and captivated me throughout the whole story! It will make you go insane at the same time that it makes you all happy with butterflies in your belly. Loved it!

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