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August 03, 2018


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Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dark YA




I love a good sci-fi/fantasy book, I also love when humans have powers and I love aliens and crazy bad guys. Liquid death has all of this! I’m left bewildered, curious, and pleasantly surprised after reading this book.

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Liquid Death is a dark and twisted YA, that introduces two characters that I grew very fond of. Kandi and Juan both have particular powers. Juan possesses a superhuman strength aligned with the ability to read people’s mind and Kandi can master any power that you can think of. Fire? Yup. Blowing things up? Yes. Making your hand dematerialize out of thin air? Hell yes. She’s a jack of all trades.

I highly underestimated Kandi at first. She’s lived a life of torture, spent with people willing to hurt her to find out where she comes from and why she’s special. She’s scarred, damaged and appears broken. But let me tell you, I will never make the mistake of underestimating her again! Her powers are outstanding. Although sometimes I did want to slap her. For such a powerful person she spent a good portion of the book numb, without using her powers. Although I understand, she could have used them sooner and avoided a lot of torture. She's still a Badass though!!

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Juan was a breath of fresh air in this otherwise, very dark book. He’s a character that feels drawn to Kandi for some inexplicable reason, and he’s willing to protect her at any cost. He’s strong, committed and very interesting. The romance between the two is very fleeting but it’s there. I cannot wait to see it grow!

The story behind these characters is very interesting. We have an organization founded by Kandi’s father, that’s using her blood to heal other humans from both mental and physical diseases. By doing so they turn children and young kids into less powerful versions of Kandi.

This organization is shady AF from the very start. They’re willing to kill, torture, burn and dismantle any person in order to find out Kandi’s true origins. I found myself hating the doctors inside the organization but thriving on their monstrosity and cruelty. It’s very hard to see evil characters written in an alluring way, and the author did just that. They were brilliant bad guys, wonderfully built and every time they suffered, I cheered.

And if you think the doctors are evil, then Kandi’s father will surprise you. His death itself. Literally. He’s the evilest character ever! I loved him.

The world building in the book it’s truly great. It has a unique damaged plot that slowly pulls itself back together. The writing is very simple, yet straight to the point and the story keeps you hooked until the last page, mainly due to the POV’s changing from Kandi to Juan. It has plenty of action, a tiny bit of romance and an incredible bond and loyalty between Kandi and Juan. I can’t wait for the next book!

*E-Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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