Goddess Inheritance (Goddess Test 3#) by Aimee Carter

March 01, 2013

Love or life.
Henry or their child.
The end of her family or the end of the world.
Kate must choose.

Just reading this i was like. Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!

 It was an absolute despair to have to wait so long for this... But it was the best book of the trilogy!!! By far.
It's the best Goddess Action Packed. Heart Warming. Competitive. Book Ever.

There's Kate whom i never though to be childish or immature but a grounded and believable woman which i really liked. She is NOT what's expected of a goddess. She's not cold or thinks the world spins around her. She has a heart and she cares. Maybe too much some times. Which will get her in lots of trouble.
"You must find a solution to this martyr complex of yours.”

She was trapped by Calliope and the book starts Nine Months later with the baby being born.
"Calliope would not touch my baby. No matter what it took, I would make sure of it."

I would have liked too see a bit more of the time she spent with Cronus at start but the other things made it up for it. Like Henry and Kate grow more intimate like a real King and Queen/ Husband and Wife. Their Complicity and affection shows more brighter every time they look at each other. There was many new God's and all of them  kick ass anytime.  And the new Baby (M.....) adds interest and a reason to fight. She or He is the sweetest Thing. And seeing it when Henry is around.... There were a lot of sweet Ohhhhhhh's...

“Because of you, the days have color. Eternity has meaning once more. You found every broken piece of me and put me back together, even though I hurt you too many times for me to deserve it. You are the glue that holds me together. If I lose you, it will be the end of me.” -  Henry
Persephone is out of the picture for good this time. But she still makes her appearance with a few ghosts from the past as well. It will be interesting seeing the mix of character Aimee will join in here.  James is the silly, manwhore god we are used too but there is a seriousness in him we never saw. it's like he grew up somehow and is more willing to fight for what he wants... But still and idiot ;)

"Kate, I swear, if you don’t come back, I will tell Henry you kissed me. And that you said I have a nice ass."
"Promise i will be your first affair." - James

Also Cronus was amazingly written and an awesome twist in the story. He took quite a liking to our Kate which made Henry go bonkers.
"Cronus had made no secret of the fact that he wanted me as his queen while he ruled over the entire world,
People will die in here i can assure you.  It will be the person you least expect and it will be very sad. But without that this book was out of this world. One of my favorites.  It was Perfect... <3

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