Tear (The Seaside 1#) by Rachel Van Dyken

March 05, 2013

How do you choose when your heart is divided?

I've had my fair chair of the "bad boy" with black hair and green eyes versus "good boy" Blondie with blue eyes. But i was excited because these boys were in a band and the synopsis seemed quite attractive. Besides the girl seemed interesting as well.

Oh boy was i wrong.... I just finished the book just to see what it would come out of it but i was not impressed. Two boys had the typical "love at first sight" thing with this girl, who everybody seems to think is beautiful and never shut up about it. It is kind of annoying listening to the same song, over, and over.
"Maybe it was all a game? AD2 thought it would be fun to torture the local girl and make her life confusing and hormonal."

As for her character I though to be a bit plain, no true fears or problems besides what comes out in the morning magazine, no expressions. She's always undecided about which brother to pick. And that's her biggest problem. "Oh i love him but right now i am with the other". If i were the guys i would have kicked her to the curb already. There is nothing about her that i liked. Nothing.
"But how does a person sleep when she’s emotionally cheating on her boyfriend with his brother?"

Not to start with the boys being brothers. How can they be brothers if there is no resemblance? Like None!!! They are the complete opposite of one another. Are they adopted and i didn't ear about it?  They meet her, the fall for her, they can't be with her, and suddenly they both kick each other's asses just for one plain, boring character. Puuulllease, why me? And they are full of secrets which i found interesting (at least one thing) and it gave us quite the curiosity from now and then... And they are in a band. Bonus point for their team...
“You have no idea how messed up we are.”
The only thing i can strongly say i liked were the writing style who was very plain and fast forward. It didn't drag the situations and it described the scene really well. Also, the love poems/songs/words.... I feel like this story should become a declaration book. It was soo sweet at times (even though i though the I LOVE YOU's in here were about three days within meeting the girl and were really stupid. Cute. But stupid...)

 "I just want you by my side as inspiration when I save myself.”

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