Grounded (Up in the Air 3#) by R.K Lilley

February 27, 2013

It was the perfect ending to this awesome trilogy. We got to see the unfold of every question we had. Either about James past, how Stephan and Bianca met but all with specific chapters dedicated to it.  Also there was a few chapters that changed the perspective and were told by Stephan or Jame's point of view.

R.K. Lilley is the best in creating a love story as strong as James's and Bianca's and making their love visible and palpable only with letters. Also Stephan and and Javier were characters that fell out of heaven, so different and distinguished from all the other books that i wanted more and more.

Bianca's dad is back as well as a maniac. he won't appear much but when he does he will leave his mark. Also, Sven, Bianca's brother stops by and we can meet him and get to know him. He his actually pretty nice character adding up to Bianca's family.

Stephan and Bianca are very depending of each other to the point of not letting no one else in and we could see that a lot in the other books. It makes their relationship admirable and sweet. But know they have to learn that there are people that deserve their trust aside from one another. They will let go and be more trusting without breaking the bond between them.

It was the book of developments. Bianca started hesitant and fearing a future and ended up more strong and confident that she was enough for James. James was the same old James. but their relationship was stronger at the end. Indestructible
"You’re stuck with me forever.”
There were all kinds of personages in here. There was loving girls and new boy toys's. All of them unique and awesome,

There were so many  feelings. There was outrage, fear, love, happiness, secrecy. It was a
match made in heaven. A bit of everything with an ending that made you gasp.

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