Crow's Row (Crow's Row #1) by Julie Hockley

March 15, 2013

Okay. Let me just start by saying this story is amazing. It has an outstanding plot, great ideas and its fast paced and very light to read. It’s a big book but it’s so addictive that you will not care at all about that.  But I must say I was surprised about liking it. That life of crime is very hard to portray without making the story sound dreadful and dire. But the author by mixing the good thing that you can obtain in life that outweighs the bad ones managed to equilibrate the whole spirit of the book.

The characters are so unique and two of them are Redheads. But I will go to that in a second. All of them are so unique and mysterious. All sharing a secret deeply buried that leaves you curious looking for answers and wanting to know your character more and more. Most of them are the in the drug business from kids so they all know the trade very well by now and they excel at what they do. They are like a team of experts put together.
"I couldn’t stop my heart from thudding. He was handsome … for a kidnapper."
The mastermind Cameron, the lead and head of the group being privilege with the gift to understand people and persuade them to his wants. He’s secretive and very scary sometimes though he surprises us by showing his sweet and caring side as well. Though he’s one mean ****.
"There was no question in my mind that this boy was odd and beautiful—a dangerous combination. Something about his guardedness, something about the way others in the projects had looked at him with fear, made me think that I should probably run the other way next time"

Rocco is the brother of the boss. Eager to get in the business doing everything he can to get on his brother’s good view. He’s the ……… funny one?
"I was able to outrun him and most of the other guys. Rocco found this hilarious. “You don’t run like a girl,” he praised. It was one of the nicest things anyone had ever told me."
 The backup Spider, who will knock you on your feet if you even think of something outside of the side lines, he is a grumpy man with a body of a weightlifter who somehow does not trust our lead girl. He is funny to read about as he adds this secrecy and urgency to the story.

The accountant Emily, she’s the one that doesn’t appear as much but still does her job the right way, she’s the smartest and leads with the money that comes and goes. Also she plays an important part in the main story that will be very important.

Then there’s tiny. A very large men that is just used for muscle power…

Our Redheads. I made this red hair subject for last because it’s much mentioned in Emmy’s life. She was bullied because of it, she hates the way it is curly so she carries it in a ponytail in most of the story and she hates her freckles viewing them in a bad way. She has a bad view of herself altogether just because of her hair. It affects most of the story and it’s funny to read because she starts as a normal suburbs girl with nothing interesting going on in her life to the girl that kicks ass and shots a gun out of the blue and falls for a guy even though she should think about that twice. It’s thrilling to see her evolution. Also we have Griff that will take a liking in Emmy and he is also a redhead…
 “People were always drawn to the girl with the fire-engine hair, in the same way that they couldn’t help themselves from slowing down to stare at car accidents on the side of the road—hoping that it was as bad as it looked, wanting to witness some shocking thing that only an elite few have ever seen up close.”
“Aye,” he agreed with Rocco and winked at me. “You definitely have to watch us gingers. We’ll get you every time.”
Also this book shows the social differences between the street kids and the rich ones.  Also it arranges loads of current subjects like kids and drugs, body distortion and the life of being a drug lord.  It’s a serious yet funny book to read and enjoy. Jullie Hockley is definitely a new bright author for me. This book was the ten stars out of five...
“People like you, like your brother—people who come from money like you … will always have your family money, your family name, your family power to fall back on and protect you, cover you when things get bad. When people like Carly and Spider and me get into trouble, the only thing that people see is that we come from the streets. They’re happy when we get caught, because we deserve whatever comes to us."

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