Grave Secret (Secret McQueen #5) by Sierra Dean

March 20, 2013

I am ashamed of myself. I said I was going to enjoy the book and read it slowly. Well I am a liar. And now it's over and i want more.

I am so addicted to Secret and this love square that's going one. The previous book left us hanging. His she or won't she keep the promise of the one night stand with Holden the sexy vampire she doesn't know she loves? It left us like this. But after loads of crying over Lucas the werewolf that left her at the altar and being gave up by Desmond she wants to forget so she goes to Holden. The thing is Holden does not want her  when she thinks of him as the backup, he wants with her full attention and heart on him. And after the big fat NO we have Secret back. And the book Starts....
Men screwed everything up. And the more men I added to the equation, the messier things got.
When Lucas Rain appears to "ask" for a favor because his sister is AWOL Secret is pissed. And thinking Kellan is just enjoying some beach boys in swim shorts in some Paradise else where she still goes out to find her.  I finished this book amazed. How how  love this series so bad. It has the love triangle, the kick ass tiny blond girl and some amazing bad guys. It's perfect.

Secret is though. She was thought by the best, hangs out with some badass hot guys and knows how to kick ass. She's smart and intuitive but her mouth always puts her in danger. We would think a girl like Secret who has half of the world trying to kill her knew how to shut her mouth trap. Well she doesn't and she's got herself loads of trouble because of it. But this book is freaking hilarious because of it. She's going to get in trouble with the fairy king because of it, with her mother, with the vampire council and with a loner pack that is determined in killing her. How great.
“Tough shit for you, then, because I’ve never been a proper lady.” “And yet you are a queen.”
The Male Alphas guys and the Hot Centenary Vampire. Lucas, Holden and Desmond. Oh My..... <3 All of them together is something out of a fairy tale, they are all amazing good looking, super smart and in fantastic shape. The this that separates them are their personalities which are the total opposite of each other.
 Lucas is controlling and demanding.
But all I saw was a villain who’d broken my heart and taken away the man I loved.
Desmond is attentive and caring.
Desmond’s wolf could be kind of a dick. It would get along great with my bitch. This proved we were soul mates after all.
 And Dear Holden fiery and intense.
Holden, not wanting to let the moment go unacknowledged, said, “All hail Secret, Queen of the Bitches.”
 Which one does she pick? Well Lucas is suddenly out of the picture... Finally. But she will be faced with this question a lot throughout the book and she will be forced to pick.

The Secondary character are the thing that is mots mentioned in this book because no one is forgotten. Everyone has an important paper in helping Secret with her life and problems. Keaty is the same old self, maintaining some space between Secret and always calling her back to life with some awesome cases to solve. Kellen is going to be kidnapped. But is it really a kidnapping? Mercedes does not appear as much for my liking but still we will get a glimpse of her.  Sig is going to continue threatening her and then cracking jokes at the same time. Juan Carlos is the same idiot. And loads of other surprises...
Trouble has a way of finding me no matter where I go.” Understatement-of-the-year award goes to…
The scenes and history of Grave Secret is incredible. The action is just in the correct time, there's no rush and everything goes in a way to leave your heart pumping.

In grave Secret lots of Secrets are going to be discovered. A killer will be caught and a pack of wolfs will loose their heads..., Which pack???  But this book is spectacular and i definitely recommend for everyone who likes some bad ass story.

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