Never Too Far (Too Far #2) by Abbi Glines

March 11, 2013

This is an expetacular story. Everyone should read this book and know the struggles and day to day difficulties about grieve and trust that Blaire experiences.

The first book itself blew me away. It was so well written with the right amount of everything that you almost forgot you were reading it in a paper because you felt like you were part of the story. It was that intriguing. But if the previous book was amazing, this one is Excellent.

It has the continuation of Blaire and Rush’s history that left us high and dry in Fallen Too Far. It starts off very melancholic showing us what their life is when they don’t have each other near. And it’s sad and you feel sorry for them because they are miserable. Without each other they suddenly lose 
everyone else as well. We could always see Rush’s dependence for Blaire and in this book it intensifies.
“Oh my god… Rush Finlay has fallen in love. Holy shit! I never thought I’d see the day.”

There is going to be a big surprise. Blaire is pregnant. Oh yeah it will blow your mind. It’s great how the author made us experience the struggle of accepting to be a young mother with no one to relay on. But that’s not true because as soon as people start to know the secret she know she has friends that will do anything to protect her. Including the one she though would push her away. 

I really like Betty in this book. She was more of a lifetime friend and it showed more. Also she has matured getting in a serious relationship and managing to control one of the wildest guy she now can call a boyfriend.  Also she isn't some cheap girl. She’s responsible and likes to not depend on Jace.

She is really similar to Blaire which also improved so much. She finally managed to tell Cain how much it hurt  when he wasn't there when she needed him. Pouring her heart out for Rush. And one of the things was that she finally started to relay on people with the forecast of them leaving her. She has matured. She cares for her baby even though she still may be a little too irrational at times she still manages to be humble and a great character to love. 
"The only men in her life had left her. Betrayed her. She expected nothing else."

Rush is the one divided between a sister he always protected and the women he worships. Part of this is Nan’s Fault because she still is the manipulative girl we all learn to hate. But it isn't her fault and Rush’ tries too hard at explaining that. But he finally will learn that she will have to grow up on her own. Whether she likes it or not. 
"Overcompensation had ruined Nan."

He is more of a man now. He cries. He loves. He fights for what he wants most. He protects his loved ones. And it seems like everybody wants something for him. Aside Grant, his brother, and Woods his “competition” for Blaire.

Woods. I really liked him. If not for Rush existence Woods would be the ultimate choice for him. He protects her in ways only he could. Supports her by always assuring her of a place in his business and offers his shoulder when she needs to cry. He is a true friend but no more than that. Sometimes it saddens me that he will never have an official chance.

Also Blaire’s father decides to make a long speech and explain some actions he took over the years and you learn to, not respect, but to understand his point of view a bit more.

Well this novel makes your hear spin and your heart to falter. Not advised for the week of heart people out there. And that ending....

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