Rocked under (Rocked 1#) by Core Hawkes

March 13, 2013

I don’t have much to say mainly because I did not enjoy this book. Maybe because of the back and forth bickering between the main characters. Or the fact that they love each other but only decide to announce it on the last four pages of the book.  

Scoot and Emma’s story was frustrating to say the least. The characters seemed forced. With no real feelings or connections. Sure it was funny to read and I actually liked to see the evolution their relationship until half of the book. But still I felt it was forced. The problems they faced were poorly placed in some places.
"To the outside world he was Scott Mason; bad boy and womanizer  In private, he was Scott Mason; caring and loyal friend."
Emma. She‘s a girl which her father destroyed her view on Love.  And now she decides every guy is like her father and only looks for good guys. Well that piece of information made Emma a bitch sometimes. It’s like she’s dumb and only cares about the stereotypes. I could not understand her trough out the book. I tried but still could not see her point of view and reluctance to tell simple bits of her life.  Her character was too flat. It didn't add anything interesting to the mix
"I was pretty much terrified of having any kind of relationship deeper than liking."
Scott. He was the best thing to read. He was the typical “Bad Boy” and we all know those are the irresistible kind. He slept with everything that had a skirt and despised them the next morning. But he tried to change for Emma. We see him trying though he is still a jerk while at it.
"He's got a different girl every night — puts Casanova to shame."
The secondary characters were of minimal importance. We barely realize they are there until you actually see them talking.

This book has potential and if it were not hung up on details and repeating everything again and again I think it would have been more readable. 

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