With All My Soul (Soul Screamers, #7) by Rachel Vincent

March 27, 2013


It's finally here. The END to these seven wonderful books i love. The Soul Screamer series.

With All My Soul is a clever book, full of twists and turns that had me hooked throughout the whole night. I could not put it down without knowing the what would Kaylee and her friends Do and without knowing their ending. I was happy to know that is was a happy ending for everybody even though it came with bittersweet events.

Kaylee is just the typical girl who would do anything for her family and her friends and in this last installment she proves it. She is one of the smartest characters I ever had the pleasure to read, she knows what she wants but she also knows how to turn it around so it's done on her terms. She will fight powerful hellions, meet some crazy new ones with whom she will bargain more than once and she will get her happy ending.

Tod is passionate trough out the whole book. He can't loose Kaylee of his sight for a second or stop the looks he is always giving her that say that she is The One/ His Soulmate. Their relationship has grown a lot, it's serious now and it's real. The Happy moments or even the painful moments show us that and don't let them give up on one another.

Nash and Sabine will learn to stop being idiots and admit a few things they are avoiding. There will be loads of problems for those too involving jail and jealousy but in the end is all about the Happiness. Emma, it was interesting to see her cope with the new body Kaylee has given her even if it meant going to the Asylum for a few pages. All of the characters will find something good out of the fighting and effort they will put in ending those Hellions which was a thing i loved to see because they all teamed up and they worked as one.

This books is fast paced, original and has a amazing world attached. It has tiny little disgusting creatures and things out of nightmares, It has deals to be made and Anger to cope with. It's smart and funny with a bit of sorrow in the middle, It bring us the deepest love and true friendship. It was the perfect ending for this series i have been following and loving since 2008...
"And our eternity starts now.”

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