Contagious (The Contagium Series #1) by Emily Goodwin

March 18, 2013

I hate endings in Zombie books. I hate how they leave us hanging, the things that are left unsaid, The people that always die and that moment when your heart skips a beat knowing everything it's too perfect and something will have to ruin it. Because no book like these can end in happiness.

Orissa Penwell is just getting a check up from her surgery in the hospital when she gets attacked by a crazy person. But she shrugs it off. It's what will happen next when the good looking doctor saves her that will make Orissa believe in monsters. Then with a group of ten other people she goes out looking for her next move and soon she becomes their guardian and savior. 
“You either die trying or you just die,”
Orissa is a Bitch. Literally everyone says it and she is proud of that label because it means people will peg her for a strong and capable person who isn't afraid of anything. And she isn't on the outside but on the inside it's another matter. She has made some mistakes in her life, mistakes she is no proud of. All of her background makes us meet a responsible and independent girl that can kick ass and survive with the most basic of things. She knows which plants to eat and what's venomous, she knows how to fire a gun to shoot straight in the head and she fights like Bruce Lee. I love her character, her determination and heart. She was a joy to read about and to learn and meet. I loves her even in the first chapter because even then she knows how to dazzle with her personality.
“You’re limping,” Hayden observed. “No I’m not,”I brushed him off.  “Yes, you are. I can see it,” he insisted. “That’s just my pimp walk.” “Very funny, Orissa,” he said, unable to keep from laughing.
The other characters that will survive alongside Orissa will be the type that will always have faith in finding a camp-bound and be rescued by the army and they are right. They will find other people more organized and prepared than them. Like a mini world where everyone gets a place to help. Either you are part of the medical staff, the ordinary people who do the minimal chores or you are in the security. In there it will appear  some interesting people along some who are immune and other's who are a bit crazy.

This book portrays the difficulty of adaptation that humans will have to endure. Because it doesn't start halfway trough the infestation. No. It starts with everything normal and then someone starts going crazy and biting people which really helps us to get into this world more smoothly and be aware of the changes.

There are three kind of zombies... S1's or the Crazies  which are the fairly new people who have gotten the virus but are not yet dead. The S2's or the Zombies which are the more decadent phase of this infestation and the S3's or the Gummies and you can tell by the name that they are very decomposed and can barely move. So this is a variation of the typical Zombie that sometimes gets kind of boring. Now we get three kinds!!! Yay right? Not...

I am so exited about this book. It was so good. The Zombies were explicit being so disgusting sometimes with all the decay part.. They were described perfectly  The scenes were just right to give you that rush and make you afraid. There were a lots of scares and loads of people you learn to like dying. So get ready because this book is a roller coaster of feelings... But mostly the disgust part will stick... :) And for the first time i saw a reference to a Zombie Movies about how to kill them.... Yay.
“Haven’t you seen any zombie movies?” I exasperated. “You have to get the brain.” I held back a giggle,

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