Deathly Contagious (The Contagium Series #2) by Emily Goodwin

March 20, 2013

And again I will repeat myself. I hate endings.... I figured out that Emily Goodwin likes to leave her readers begging    for more. And I give it to her when I say that she's an amazing writer because she knows just how to create Tension, describe the most amazing fight scenes and the most disgusting Zombies out there. But the thing she does  best is always ending her books making sure we will read the next one.

Orissa has come a long way. For having to fend for herself with no one to count to protect her back whilst  having to care for six people was not easy. Now, she has an entire shelter full of soldiers that admire her and she knows she can relay on them because they will always have her back. But, that also means she's starting to create bonds. And if people die, those bonds will shake which is something Orissa is trying to avoid, but in a world full of Zombies death is something nobody can prevent.

Her character had evolved so much. She was the "I can fend for myself and don't need anyone else" type of girl and now she's the "i can still fend for myself but i also have people to protect me in case i need it". She has learned that sometimes crying is the best option and that she doesn't have to be strong at all times. She's so strong and she can survive by herself which she is happy to show when she's left off by and idiot who is "the leader" of her team. she meets loads of new crazy "we have to repopulate the world" kind of people and she manages to kick their asses anyway... She's a badass.
“I…used…to…like…Halloween,” she panted. “Me too.” Though, I mostly liked the excuse to wear slutty costumes.
Hayden is who was left hanging in the end of Contagious #1 and who we couldn't be sure it was going to survive. But he did. It's no surprise.... But still he is such an amazing addiction to the main girl making her more human and approachable. Though he's the toughest of them all he care a lot about Orissa and he's willing to go to all lengths to protect her. He's a boy with secrets and with a past that no one seems to know. It was super interesting to be able to know him more deeply in this book.
“I lost everyone, Riss,” he slurred. “Everyone I cared about. And then I met you. I’m…I’m not losing you.”
Her team full of the boys we know and love will learn to be more attached to one another and accept Orissa in. They will all learn a few tricks and get a few scares. And yes there will be deaths, that's inevitable in a Zombie story.  But together they make the A-Team look like a bunch of sobbing babies. Really...
“Now there’s something you don’t see every day,” Ivan noted with a smirk. He turned to Brock. “Finally, a girl who will like me for my brains,” he joked.
The Zombies are smarter now. They don't know how that's possible but they seem more organized by protecting each others and teaming up. By gathering supplies for eating later and suddenly they don't die as fast. It's a thrill once a fight breaks and now in Deathly Contagious there is underground fighting, tornado's, hordes and much more.
He reached at me, biting at the air. He had no teeth left. “You give ‘gummy’ a whole new meaning,” I said as I fired an arrow into his head.
This Zombie series is fantastic. The humanity of the characters and their will to survive the worst conditions  We get humans turning on humans which will be one of the main focal points.  Resuming. I freaking loved this book.... :)

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