Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers #1) by Calia Read

March 17, 2013

AHHHH! Just by being The Sloan Brothers series it's a major point, now mixing it with the writing type of Calia Read and you have yourself a wonderful book. And this did not let me down. From the beautiful cover that describes our main girl perfectly to the damaged brothers she will learn to love. 

I am so excited to have this book and to have finished it because i couldn't wait to know the end. Not in a bad way. But the whole book gives us surprises and you never know what will happen next because it's everything so unpredictable that i was afraid what the end might give me.
" lure him in with pizza.” .“What if he doesn't like pizza?” Lily asked. “Then he’s a cyborg robot and needs to be executed immediately!”
Severine or Sev-uh-reen or Seveereeen. It seems like nobody can pronounce her name quite well so the humor that come out of it it's quite funny mainly when someone is drunk...
Severine is a Strong and Decided girl that can sometimes come off as Bitchy. She doesn't take crap from anybody and knows she's good and isn't afraid the let the world know about it. Finally a book that doesn't present a girl with self-esteem problems that every guy loves without having a reason to. She's tall and has freckles and a sense of truth that nobody likes and she's dam proud of it. Severine is different she goes after the boy she has an interest at first - Macsen - and tells him she is interested. How many times did i saw that in a book? Probably once or twice...  She is not a believer. For her love should be guarded...
“You’re rare, Severine. Just like your name. It’s impossible to forget you.”
"You should never show your emotions. Someone will steal them away, and you’ll be left with nothing"
Macsen and Thayer they are the son's of the devil. One more handsome than the other they sure know how to break the ladies hearts. Macsen is the quiet and sensitive one that has the most vibrant green eyes that can make Severine forget her own name. Thayer the player and heartbreaking one that saw Severine first and plan on  making sure she know about it. And he plays basketball. Something that Severine hates but will learn to love.
He’s amazing at sports, came here on a basketball scholarship—” “I stopped listening at sports,” Severine said dryly. “For being a ‘legend,’ I’ve never heard of him.”
They are intense when they are in a room together due to not have the best siblings relationship. Resuming? They hate each other and the fact that the girl they want is divided does not help their case. The Sloan family is dark with it's many secrets and troubling past and it was amazing to get to know the secret and the people themselves.
“You just need to know, things in our family have never been manageable. It’s all a giant clusterfuck of mistakes and let downs.”
The book had a major importance attributed to the secondary characters. They were essential to keep Severine San and they are so unique as well with the retorts and wits. the over hall book is amazing, the scenes, the plot, the suspense and love. I's great and i can't wait until the next one to be even better than this one. 
" a lonely heart is better than a heart left in pieces..."

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