In The Band by Jean Haus

March 02, 2013

I'm not a big fan of the cover and if it was only that I don't think I would have read it. But you can't judge a book by it's cover. No. No. Because this story blew me away.

After Riley Middleton said thanks but no thanks to a successful scholarship in an out of state university to take care of her depressed mother and young sister. After her long time boyfriend broke up with her and left her with the excuse of Long Distance Relationship. She is ready to give up on herself. But not before the tryouts to a local famous band.

And she makes it, even though there is Justin the lead singer who is extremely spoiled and self centered but has her eyes on her and Romeo the sexist guitar player who doesn't like a girl messing with his band and is trying to get her to quit. Even knowing she is the best drum player in the state.

So this synopsis has a lot of string to pull and a whole story to develop. It was an awesome opportunity and Jean Haus took it.

Romeo come out looking like a chauvinistic guy and an idiot but as the story evolves we get to see the real Romeo. The caring and deep one. He has a complex past but still manages to lead a band to success, have the best grades in school and still keep up with his social life. But even though we think he's a manwhore until half of the book. He isn't. He never was. And that will attract Riley on the spot. though she denies it until the end.....
"I knew he was going to be a pain. I told myself to ignore him, but I really, really want to use his skull for a drum at the moment."
 “You shouldn’t have joined the big boys if you can’t handle the heat.”
Marcus and Chloe act as the best friend who also have an affair behind Riley's back because Marcus secretly likes her. Or So he thinks. I don't think they were indispensable or even that important to the course of the book. They were just characters. Period. Nothing more. They were just there to not make Riley a loner. we could have has made it trough without them. But even though all of that they still gave us funny moments.

Justin and Sam the band guys are the typical guys. The play. They are successful. And they have girls. And it goes on and on the same boring thing. They are the typical bad boys of the book. But somehow they managed to look important by being complete dicks sometimes and really sweet when they thought they could get into Riley's pants. Like I said. GUYS......

Riley has a depressive mother and her father is marrying a younger girl after twenty years married to her mother. She is against that and she makes sure her father knows that. She was never considered beautiful the word to describe her was only Cute. And she is sick of Cute. She wants a change and she is going to get it. A change with Romeo and with the band she ends up loving more than she thought....

"If you think I was hard to deal with before, I’m going to become your worst nightmare.” Snatching my bag from the table, I hiss, “Bring it on, asshole.” Then I stomp out of the room. If he wants a war, I’ll give him World War Three.
To wrap it up this was a journey of their life's we get to experience and witness. It was book full of surprises and with loads of funny moments. it was the first book I've read by Jean Haus but i will keep my eye out. :)

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