Blood Forever (The Blood Coven, #8) by Mari Mancusi

March 28, 2013

The End! Yay, yet somehow i think this book spins around Keeping up With the Kardashians, Twilight, HBO series and The vampire diaries  more than the actual story or the characters problems.

Also i love Zombie books and the whole Project Z was a cute idea, but the Zombies were an awful choice for this. They are ruled by the Zombie Princess and had a five star dinner course of Brains. Am I the only one that finds this stupid?
“Braaaaaains…” she groans.
But moving on from that there were a lot of things i though to be kind of stupid, like Magnus after listening that Rayne was actually Sunny but kept calling her Rayne, the constant use of the "Oh, Sunny or Oh, Rayne" is kind of annoying coming out of a thousand year old vampires. But okay.

Anyways this book was cute. Nothing more than that. it's fun to read if you delete all the stupid references and some of the unnecessary talking. Also this was a book for Kids, all too pretty and dreamy which takes the point that we are dealing with ZOMBIES and VAMPIRES (they are mean creatures, duhhh). It was fun to see the happy ending for everybody but this book could have happened much sooner in the series.

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