Nika (Seychatka, #1) by D.H. Gibbs // Book Review

February 02, 2018

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Genre: Fantasy/Novella

Rating: 4 Stars. 


Held captive by an unknown assailant, Nika is thrust into a dark and mysterious world. Desperate to regain her freedom, the young orphan fights for a morsel of the life she once led, but soon her plight reveals startling information about who she is and what she’s destined to become.

Demyan’s centuries old search finally comes to an end when he finds the rightful ruler of his race. Unfortunately, she knows nothing of her true identity and the great powers she possesses. The clock is ticking. If he can’t convince her to take her seat on the throne, her brother’s plan to extinguish the Immortal race will come to fruition.

Will Nika accept her destiny before it’s too late? 


Cheat Sheet: 

Immortals: Can live forever / High resilience to injuries / Super strong.
Totems: Bonded with the spirit of the wolf acquiring its animal abilities.
Regulars: Sadly that’s us. 


Nika by D.H. Gibbs is a novella that serves the purpose of introducing us to a world of Immortals, Totems and Regulars. I really liked that the author managed to give us a fast-paced story and wonderfully detailed world building in just 96 pages. She did it in a totally awesome way BTW. 

“When I’m queen the first thing that goes is the bowing crap. I’ll have everyone give me the head nod guys give when they see each other on the street and say, ‘Sup”.

Nika is a wonderful small book about, well, Nika. She’s the daughter of the rightful ruler of the Immortals (she’s VIP). Nika managed to hide in the Regular's world for quite some time but now it's time to become the Queen she was meant to be all along. 

 I found this super unique and nicely developed for such a short book. The author tells us this intricate story between the immortals and Totems, but she does this in a very clear and simplistic way that didn’t leave me any doubts. 

I didn’t though it was possible to create a steady and believable romance in less than a hundred pages. But it’s possible. This book is the living proof of that. It’s a simple romance between Nika and Demyan that slowly burns and grows with the book. It’s also a forbidden romance. My favorite kind. Because she’s a princess and heir to the throne and he’s her trusty commander. But I do need to see more of them. I need to see more of their chemistry in the book. Hopefully the next one will have enough of that.  

“White please,” Nika interjected. She hated red wine.

 “But Nika, you’re not 21. It’s illegal to serve a minor,” he said derisively. 

“Why Demyan, it’s also illegal to hold someone against their will, so I guess we’re both out of luck.”

 “Red for me please,” he told the waiter as he glowered again.

If there is one thing I’d change in the entire book is replacing the words "Friggin” and “Frack” with actual swear words. It's much more believable that way

Nika is a nice book to read if you like forbidden romance, interesting action and great fantasy worlds. It’s a quick book that’s going to keep you hooked until the very last page. It had plenty of interesting characters and enough humor to keep you laughing. It’s great. 

** Ebook copy sent to me via the Author in exchange for an honest review :)

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