Wild Hearts (Lines in the Sand, #1) by Lindsay Detwiler

February 13, 2018

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Genre: Romance
Rating: 4 Stars


This sexy cowboy is out of his element. He doesn’t want commitment, but Jodie Ellison is a force of nature who can’t be ignored. 

Jodie Ellison loves wild parties, chaotic fun, and spontaneity in her hometown of Ocean City, Maryland. 

The wild and unruly Levi Creed is a little bit rebel and a whole lot of sexy. When he moves in next door to Jodie, things get a bit tumultuous thanks to a squawking parrot and a dangerous fire pit. It seems like Levi’s adorable Texan drawl and perfect body can’t possibly win over Jodie… or can they?

An undeniable chemistry simmers between the unlikely pair. The beach babe and the sexy cowboy soon find themselves asking: Can they tame their wild hearts and commit to the blossoming romance between them? 



This is the prefect book for valentine’s day… Which is tomorrow by the way. *sighs* Wild Hearts is the second book in the Lines in the Sand series. It can however be read as a standalone. It features a relatable story that is both exciting, cute and funny about two people – Jodie and Levi – falling in love.

We fit. We just fit together. And that fit could mean a whole hell of a lot of fun.

It’s a book that everyone is going to relate to at some point. Two individuals thinking that relationships are overrated make a deal to be together without any strings attached. Then they slowly start to fall in love with each other. 

The book portrays all the stages of love beautifully and in a simple manner, which I adored.  They, however took an awful long time to admit they loved each other. I’m an impatient person, so I was like: JUST DO IT ALREADY. SAY THE L (Like or Love Accepted, just admit to something) WORD. The story itself is not very remarkable, but it has a special something in it, with plenty of funny moments that left me grinning like a love-struck fool the whole time. They can be little predictable however, but not in a bad way. 

Let’s talk about cowboys being sexy… They ooze sexiness. If you like cowboys, Wild Hearts has the perfect one for you. Levi is a former saddle bronc rider that I found super charming. Let’s just say his cowboy boots won me over. And the tipping of the hat… *swoons*… I liked that he had flaws and wasn't perfect the whole time. It made him real and much more likeable. *sighs for the billionth time*

The female lead – Jodie – was a little hard for me to like. I enjoyed her spunk and her confidence but I found her complaining too much… She complained abut her new roommate, about Levi and everything else. I was like: CHILL OUT. She calmed down towards the end and she eventually grew on me. 

To those who read the previous book, you have the continuation of Avery's and Jesse's story with tons of surprises in the middle. Which i'll definitly be reading next, because they were just adorable and cute. 

To sum things up, Wild Hearts is an easy to read Romance with a romance that deepens and grows with the book, fantastic secondary characters and a very sexy cowboy. 

** Arc e-copy provided by Author in exchange for honest review. **

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