Spirited (The Academy of Spirits and Shadows, #1) by C. M. Stunich // Review

January 22, 2018

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Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Brynn of Haversey is a spirit whisperer—a person blessed with the ability to see and speak to the dead. In the country of Amerin, she's one of a select few with magical gifts known as whisperers.

Every year, the Royal College accepts a small number of new students, all magically inclined, all whisperers. Competition is brutal and the classes, nearly impossible to pass for a half-breed angel with two left feet and a massive pair of black feathered wings.

Oh, and especially if she brings her six ghostly boyfriends with her to the academy (including the recently deceased crown prince, a master thief hanged for his crimes, and a former student of the Royal College). What kind of spirit whisperer is Brynn of Haversey if she can't exorcise her own soulmates? But Brynn isn't attending the most prestigious academy in the world to become a better exorcist—she's searching for a way to bring her lovers back to life … 



Cliffhangers… Oh, how I hate them. And apparently C. M. Stunich absolutely loves them! Every single book I read from her is so raw and real and at the end there’s always a cliffhanger awaiting. Always! Spirited was no different.

I loved this book so fluffing much (and you’ll see why I’m changing my bad words to fluf later). It’s so unique and it’s set in a world of fantasy where women get to have an entire harem all for themselves, and men cannot. Nice. The one thing I must mention is that this book does not have a beginning, a middle and end. This series are going to be divided in three books. And I fell like this book was the introduction, the second the development and then third the finale. So, the main problem which is Brynn finding out a way to revive her ghosts will only be sorted out probably in the last book. To be honest I really wanted an end but I’m super excited to have the next ones come out and see how the author is going to handle this.

But the coolest thing ever? The protagonist is a half-angel that sees spirits and whenever she curses a feather comes out. Yup! That’s why she replaces her curse words with fluf or something else. Which is freaking genius and brought so much humor to the book! And on top of that, she somehow gets to have six ghosts attached to her and each of them are hot as hell! I loved Brynn, she was so clumsy and awkward at times, so she had me laughing my boots off. She was hilarious. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do with six guys in the next book.

The guys! (Vexer, Elijah, Air, Talon, Dyre, Spicer) They all have different personalities and all of them have a place in Brynn’s heart even though she doesn’t realize it. I loved every single one of them so I’m glad she’s going to end up with all of them as well. I don’t know how that will work out, but I’m excited to see it happen. And if you’re expecting hot scenes, then you got them! This book is filled with hotness, either a simple kiss or a full blow out sex scene with two of her ghosts. It’s hot and heavy and awesome! BUT I NEED SOME MORE VEXER PLEASE! I shouldn’t have favorites, but I do. It’s Vexer and Dyre.

I can’t wait to have the next book in my hands and see where this cliffhanger leads us! AS always Spirited has the signature of C. M. Stunich where she combines a story filled with wonderful fantasy and sizzling romance! I loved it!

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