Pestilence (The Four Horsemen #1) by Laura Thalassa // Book Review

March 21, 2018


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Rating: 5 STARS
Genre: Fantasy Romance

OH MA WORLD. I cannot even tell you how good this book is. Pestilence was a much-awaited book to me. Mainly because of its synopsis (AMAZING and super intriguing), also because of it’s cover (which is beautiful and thank you to whoever made it) and finally, because of Laura Thalassa. Pestilence ended up being much more than I could ever have asked for. It was a book that took fantasy to a whole other level. A book that showed me all the good and bad mankind has to offer and it took my little heart and broke it into tiny pieces.

Pestilence, his crown perched upon his brow. War, with his steel blade held high. Famine, a scythe and scales at hand. And Death, blighted Death, his dark wings folded at his back, a torch of bilious smoke tight in his grip. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, come to claim the earth and lay waste to the mortals that dwelled within it.

In Pestilence, the world is taken with disease. As people try to get rid of the horseman, Sara is one of the people that attempts to kill him. When her mission fails, the horseman makes her his prisoner, forcing her to see the horror that he bestows in people more clearly. But, as he slowly starts to see some good in her and she starts to see some humanity in the Horseman, their beliefs get blurred and their hearts give in to each other.

“I am not here to please your every whim.” Pestilence’s voice is steady, unfeeling. “I am here to end the world.”

I’ve read quite a few books from this author and the amazing worldbuilding that she incorporates in each story still amazes and takes me by surprise. She creates this original world/stories that grab my attention until the very last word. Then, she describes them beautifully, setting the mood slowly. Every chapter grabbed my attention in Pestilence. The story maintains a super-fast pace, with stuff happening all the time that left me either angry, crying or super happy.

“What do you hope to gain by agreeing with me?” he asks. 
“You’re the one everyone calls Pestilence the Conqueror,” I say. “Can’t you even tell when you’ve won an argument?”
Pestilence frowns.

This book is all about mankind. The good and the bad it has to offer and whether it deserves mercy. Throughout the story there are some chapters where humankind is vile, whilst in other we see kindness, love and redemption. Those bad chapters were real hard to read, especially as you start to like the Horseman and Sara. There are moments where people try to shoot them, burn them, kill them and sometimes they succeed with the Horseman (He regenerates) and with Sara (she almost dies). I felt super sad they all these bad things were happening to them, as I really begun to love them.

The relationship between these two main characters starts out rather interesting (she tries to kill him) and gets better and better and deeper with each page. I loved how the author wrote a slow burn romance for them two, where they had to learn how to trust each other slowly and eventually love one another. They start out as enemies but end as soulmates. It's very interesting to read the development of their relationship.

“You want your people to live, but you’re unwilling for me to be harmed. I want your people to die, but I cannot harm you. Each of us is trapped between our minds and our hearts.”

Pestilence is one of the most original, cunning, heart-grabbing book I’ve read. The story is a unique and beautiful take on the apocalypse, that adds in a burning romance that took my breath away. I loved it, Cannot wait for the next one: WAR.

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