The Outcasts (The Blood Dagger, #1) by Misty Hayes - Book Review

April 21, 2018

The Outcasts
by Misty Hayes

Genre: Adult Paranormal
Rating: 4.5 Stars

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The Outcasts by Misty Hayes is the first book in the Blood Dagger Series and Holy Hell… I’m addicted. The story includes all elements, that to me make a book incredible. A fantasy/supernatural theme, badass fighting scenes, awesome characters, Romance, a mystery to solve and tons of secrets. All of this left my poor heart somersaulting through every chapter. SO WORTH IT!!

I’m going to start out with what I found truly amazing which was the individuality of the characters and how unique, subtle, and well-built they were. All had different personalities that grabbed my attention from the very start. Especially the bad guys, I admit.Resultado de imagem para gifs excited.

Gabriel (The main bad guy) was amazingly evil, I still found myself falling for his snake-like charms in a heartbeat. He’s so smooth, yet so mean.  Vinson (my favorite) was a semi-good guy but so mysterious and although he didn’t say more than 10 words in the whole book, he grabbed my heart the second I saw him. Alastair (A love interest) was mysterious, sweet, and mean in a subtler way. At first, you couldn’t tell whether he was a good guy or bad making him really interesting!

“Nice shot by the way. You got Gabriel right in the neck.” He grunted again. This one I interpreted as, ‘But not good enough.’ I felt like I was getting fluent in speaking Vinson.

I loved the main female character – Larna. She slowly goes from being an insecure girl to a badass vampire killing machine that doesn’t let anyone stand in her way! She’s awesome and she’s not portrayed as the flawless main character that we often have seen, which I loved! She has flaws and eventually, she’ll learn to see past them. Larna is super relatable and so badass. Her love interests – Alastair and Corinth – didn’t dwell too much on the whole romance element, which I appreciated, otherwise the book would be too mushy. But hopefully, the next book will bring us more of this girl and her relationship with these two.

The book is action packed to the brim leaving you on edge the whole time. It’s one of those books that you can never get bored of because there’s always something happening that’s relevant to the story, and with all the secrets you’ll find throughout the chapters it keeps you hooked until the very last one.

The Paranormal element works so well. We get to know how vampires are created, how they work with the normal world, their weaknesses, strengths and all the quirks that come with being one. They also brought dangerous and darker elements to the book that made it even better.

This was my first book by this author and I can’t wait for more. It’s super-fast-paced, filled with action and amazing characters. If you love any of those things, this book will rock your world. 

** E-Book provided by author in exchange of honest review**

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