Twisted Perfection by (Perfection, #1) Abbi Glines

May 19, 2013

The Books I've read by Abbi Glines were all full of strong characters and sentimental/loving stories. she has this way of making the readers attached to the book and make the story she tells memorable.

Twisted Perfection was no different. This is a Spin off series form the Fallen too far trilogy (Blaire and Rush <3) and at the beginning I was worried because I kind of liked to have seen more between Woods and Blaire and he was going to have this new girl in here. It worried me that I may not like this story at all because of the girl, but no. It blew me away! This story is incredible, I still prefer Rush and Blaire Fallen too Far trilogy, but I am in love with this couple as well. (Woods and Della)

Abbi Glines can make the best characters with a hand tied behind her back, it's just that easy for her. All the girls she writes about are complex and unique with that sorrow they carry and the guys are this alpha, protective, wonderful males that find themselves in love without even realizing it.

I have never seen a Girl like Della. A girl that is constantly afraid of the future and was damaged by the past. She's constantly struggling with the knowledge that at any moment she could become what she less desires. Her mother. She was hard to understand because at the start she shows up with a strong, sexy persona that can conquer the sexy guy but then when we really start to see her past and get to know her better we can tell her vulnerability and fear of living her life at the fullest. It's not like she's shy or something, but she's afraid to let her emotions show sometimes. She has been on her own for so long that she is used to dealing with her problems alone, so the fear and reluctance she shows when Woods wants to Help and Love her is truly heartbreaking. But I fell in love with Della's story and the strength it comes with, she is a fighter and a survivor.
"Because that girl ain’t the kind you fuck with. She’s not strong enough for that.”
Woods started off as this boy who wanted nothing more than the vice president job at his father's business and was willing to marry this Beeeaaaatch to get it. An arranged marriage so to speak. So we see him very carefree, enjoying his last days of freedom and also as a jerk who can't stand up for himself. It's true, he is kind of  weak at the start of the book. But I was so glad when he finally said to his dad to go stick it! Loved it. The fun part is when he meets this girl who he can't get out of his head and even better when that same girl goes work for him! Shocker!! From that point on we see him fall in love, fall in  love with Della and with life  itself. He starts to live without the constant influence of his father. He sticks for what he wants (Della) and protects  what's his (Della again). It's funny to see his protective side come out a lot, his jealousy and the need to let everyone know that Della is his!
“She’s it. No one else. She’s all I’m ever gonna want.”      Tripp grinned. “Can’t believe Woods Kerrington actually fell in love.”

Those two together were amazing, made for each other!!! All the tension in the air and desire between them almost suffocated me! They fit in perfectly.

The secondary characters we get in Fallen too far are Back! That's what I loved the most, Bethy and Grant! And also the main girl with the big stomach that is going to be giving birth very soon! BLAIRE! Rush isn't here, which is bad because I missed him, but oh well!

Abbi Glines is from this moment on my favorite Writer! She creates worlds and situation like nobody business and delivers kick ass characters in a heartbeat! Awesome! Twisted Perfection was everything I wanted and hoped for times a hundred.  But the end? Abbi Glines is also a master at giving endings that shock us!!

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