Everything Changes by Shey Stahl

May 05, 2013

I Knew a Boy once.
He was a Boy that changed everything.

First things first... The cover is to die for!! I Like to say don't judge or read a book by It's cover but I'm guilty about this one. I definitely read it for the cover, I mean It's amazing! The synopsis did not bedazzled me at first but as I read the story and got to know the characters I was trapped, I knew then that another day of having to study for finals was out the window! I just had to finish this book because I was dying to know the end.

This book is all about the young, innocent love. It passes trough all the stages of growing up like sexuality, Uncertainty and Doubt, making hard choices and forming your future. It's Real and I felt being there myself it featured the Teenager Drama all too well.

Parker O'Neil and Rowan. Oh Man. These two were a train wreck waiting to happen, you can see it from the start, though they were so right for each other it seemed unreal. They start as these young, sweet seventeen-year-old's that don't have much experience in Love and after a Summer Romance their walls are ready to crumble. I Loved them.

I Loved Parker rawness and sincerity, mixed with the guilt he carries on his shoulders and his "shyness". I Loved that he had a past that made him who he was and that made him tangible.
"Don’t you see it, Ro? The blood that runs through my veins, the air that fills my lungs, it belongs to you. It’s only ever be you for me.”
I Loved Rowan ingenuity and strength. I Loved that she was willing to give her heart away so he could chaise his dreams even if it mean breaking her.

"When he looked at me, he looked so far inside of me, farther than anyone else ever had. He was the only one that saw me for me."
I Loved that they were too people who knew nothing of love and still Loved each other so passionately. I adored seeing them fight for each other while set them apart again and again. Seeing them Fight for their dreams and wants. It was a journey watching them grow up and the way that the author brought that journey alive and gave that little something special about this couple is truly awesome!

This book had me giggling so much it's crazy! It should come with and warning: Beware this may turn you into a Giggling, screaming and crying ten year old girl.

Everything Changes Is a book with a Happy ending. It's meant to be focused on the main characters, the secondary ones are still important, but The couple is what really matters. It's cute and raw. I Loved Shey Stahl type of writing, how she gave importance to the smallest of details. And of course any Author that gives an Happy Ending is on my good List. :P

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