The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love, #1) by J.S. Cooper Review

May 24, 2013

Humph... You know when that special book you see on the shelves with a pretty cover and alluring story? You love it right? And when he isn't near as good as he was made out to be? A disappointment? Yap.

The Last Boyfriend was a not interesting in any way, it was the usual " Bad boy who sleeps around, girl who promised he wasn't her type then a crazy and out of place thingie happens and hell breaks loose". It's just that, it's all for the story and even that I felt it was too rushed, unreal and plain. There were no amazing or breath taking situations, no burning romance going on or problems that really managed to move me. It was just Plain.

Lucky is working in the restaurant to pay her college bills just like any normal 22 year old girl. She has a regular costumer at every Friday night with a different escort each time. He is a Womanizer, he is Zane Beaumont. He's rich, funny and very compelling. When she decides to hit a party with a few people of his crowd he doesn't seem happy with it and when her car breaks down in the middle of the night and he is there to save her, there is this feelings going on between them that just cannot be ignored. Then he proposes something, for Lucky to travel with him to Los Angeles to work with him on a project and she says yes in a heartbeat.

Lucky, I did not liked her name at all, not for the girl it was described. She is a character that I cannot like. It's impossible, she's constantly changing opinion, has this rule that the next guy she dates will be her prince charming (An Idea she gave up on the second kiss), she tries to come off as this sarcastic, funny girl but only manages to make me cringe every time she opens her mouth and I am so sick of hearing the sentence "Oh, Zane". She's jealous even though he specified exactly what he wanted from her, she hates this girl she never met before and honestly how can she be that strong women type when she can't even stand up for herself? I tried but it was too much falseness and I detested her.

Zane was the only character who I kind of liked. Kind of. He was funny, even though some of his comparisons are just stupid and pointless, he was repetitive, with his thoughts on fifty shades of Christian (Grey) or Robert (Edward) Cullen and mixing it all up, and for Christ sake, Zane can you please stop with the  revenge deal? It's not even mildly interesting! And what's with the I NEED TO PROTECT AND FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE deal? It was creepy.  The part I did like about him was his personality. He went straight to the point, he was frontal, he had goals set and he went trough with his deals.

Those two together were boring. They were nerds but the bad kind, some of the topics they talked about seemed forced and not funny at all, their passion was bland, and like the whole book, it was missing something important.

It wasn't a good experience this book. I hate to give a bad review but I couldn't get inside the story because it all seemed to unreal. Maybe there are people who liked it though it was very good but I can't give it more than 2,5 stars.

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