Rogue Descendant (Nikki Glass, #3) by Jenna Black Review

May 16, 2013

I am so excited i finally got to read this book. It was released almost a month ago but I was dreading the end of the book and the overall story to kill me with excitement so I waited.  And I am so glad I did even though I might be dead right now!

Rogue Descendant is even better than the first two books, if that is even possible. I was hooked on the Nikki Glass series since I started reading them which sometimes creates higher expectations on the next installments in the series. The first book was great, the second even better and the third was off the charts!! I loved it.

Yay we finally get to see and HEAR more of Jamal because in here his barriers of letting no one in are going to start to crumble and allow Nikki to approach his heart and body. His feelings for Nikki  are filled with desire and fear and something more deep sentiments that he is not ready to admit. But, he's almost there even though this book tease us and gives us hope and then..... And I Loath his Tiger, he big cat may be pretty but his so annoying and scary with the big teeth. 
Maybe the walls he’d built around himself were starting to show cracks. Tiny ones, to be sure, but I was going to do my damnedest to widen them.
Nikki. I've felt she is a character that developed so much throughout this three books and now she's more mature and aware of her powers and how to properly utilize them for what she wants. She now understands that the results of her decisions sometimes are not what is expected and that being a good girl  with feelings is not always a good thing when people are trying to kill you. I pitied her so much because she is going to be so mistreated in so many ways, this book was not good  for her, the story did not went in her favor at all. But there were happy moments as well, she's more daring and fierce and it's great to read about a a girl that may fall loads of times but always gets back on her feet even stronger!

Anderson, Oh My I definitely wished i could get more of Anderson! It didn't feel enough, I wanted to see Nikki being more sympathetic to him and offer her shoulder to cry on maybe? Is it too bad that I think a love triangle is approaching this story? Well good for me because I Love that idea! And I might even be cheering for Anderson a tiny bit. Yeah but in the story he also will suffer a lot, either because of Emma or because of his lineage which sucks.
“Your opinion is duly noted.” And ignored, obviously.
Konstantin will be the smartass rabbit on the run for the whole book and the sneaky bastard makes me want to chuck something at his face! ASAP! He is a great villain but I hate him from the bottom of my heart! Cyrus is smug and a charming idiot that appears nicer than he actually is or is going to be! He has tricks up his sleeves all the time and even though he is a bad guy I like him a lot, until the end where he blew away all my consideration for him and I wanted to suffocate him. Literally
Be afraid, Nikki Glass. I am coming for you. Yours, Konstantin
This book is amazing!! Definitely 5 stars and no less, big secrets will be revealed, badass fights will happen, a furious ex wife will get what she deserves and The story will be sweet and funny with the element of surprise at every corner including the end that is painful to read. To think I will have to wait a few more months for the next book is awful!

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