The Bane (The Eden Trilogy, #1) by Keary Taylor Review

May 08, 2013

I love Zombies, I Really do! But Cybernetics creatures are now  as high as the zombies in my liking status! This book was fantastic. A new, more polished kind Of the Walking Dead meets The Terminator meets the Best love triangle you can find! It's Romantic, explosive and full of non-stopping action!

Since the world has been run over by machines The world's human survivors must stick together in order to make it trough.
Eve was a girl that came to a survivor's camp when she was thirteen with no memory of what happened to her before, they took her in and asked no answers, though she was smarter and faster than many of the grown man out there whilst being only a child. Now she's a grown woman and her future is just know being uncovered due to the new boy and his strange compelling ways.

Eve! I Loved her, she's so down to heart and responsible. I love that she never knew the basic things that humans utilized daily, Like what are restrooms or showers, so that we can laugh a little at her progress in learning. Eve has mad fighting skills! She's like a superwoman, she knows how to survive and she protects everyone she cares about. She doesn't talk smack and is one of the most awesome female characters Ever in her awkward and antisocial but super kind of way. And I didn't even felt like punching her in the face once! And that's saying something...
"You caught them?" Gabriel says stupidly. 
"No, he's forcing me to point the blade at them." I rolled my eyes.  
The secondary characters, as the camp leader and closest friends, were included and written with the same adoration as the main people. It's a world were everyone together is far more interesting than seeing two characters making everything on their own. Their personalities  were so distinct and diversified that all together formed this amazing story with compelling personas!

The boys, well the boys could have turned this book into a way too tiresome and way too used story, but no! They were so well added to the mix I didn't felt like it was either forced nor too romantic, also poor Eve having to choose between a blue eyed Doctor and a former friend with green eyes! Duh, she totally made the right choice! But I applaud Keary Taylor for adding these two very yummy boys in this "end of the world scenario" that would have been to gloomy and dead without LOVE.
"Boys. Always get girls into trouble"
Keary Taylor created this Post Apocalyptic world that I loved to dive into! It's fast paced and full of twists at every corner, with the uncertainty of knowing if you will live one more day. Eden is amazing! Next book right now! :)

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