The Human (The Eden Trilogy, #2) by Keary Taylor

May 31, 2013

I have been looking forward to this book since I've read The Bane. The first book was the perfect introduction to this post apocalyptic tale and it was exciting and refreshing. I had high expectations for book two: The Human and it did not let me down at all. If so, it was far better than the first.

Now, Eve and her friends have managed to clean the city of cybernetic creatures and proceeded to assemble a real community to start over. The New Eden. But just when things seem to be improving there is a broken boy wanting some answers, a group of people wanting to wreck the temporary peace and a weapon that it's ready to be triggered.

I am not going to lie, this book was much more directed towards romance than the other. It's much more endearing and it allows a development in all characters relationships. Also, it gives us and inside perspective of Eve's mind about Avian and West.

At The End of The Bane there were a lot of unfinished business like:  West being in real bad state which left us wondering about his odds of surviving the infection. Though he is strong and nobody had any doubt about his surviving chances. So of course he made it but with a slight change to himself....  Oh, I suddenly do not like West! I don't know why (I Do Know But I Cannot Tell) but there is something about him that in this book does not go well with me. Either is his continuous web of lies or his stupid and reckless decisions, I don't know, but the character I used to adore is gone and turned into a messed up boy willing to put everyone in danger.
"He was broken, but he was still West. Even if he wasn't my West. Even if he couldn't remember that."
One of the characters that I saw developed the most was Avian. He's more aggressive and protective towards Eve and now that he has her heart he will protect it at any cost. But it will bring him problems and lead him to act on an impulse, which when you are in the "End of the World" in never good, Though it's sweet seeing the devotion and care he treats his relationship with Eve, it's basically the only bright thing in a world without a future. It's all about the love when you know you may not make it tomorrow! <3

“I mean it!” Avian screamed.  “You touch her again and I will kill you!”

Eve is going to figure out a lot about her existence in here and there is a restlessness in her persona that wasn't there before. I feel so bad for Eve, she suffered so much in this book with learning the secrets keep from her and all the plotting against her, it was so bad.
"I was always the one who saved people.  I wasn’t the one that needed saving.  This wasn’t who I was."
There a new group of people that will enter the Eden. They are bad guy and I detested them soooooooo bad! It's like they are there to show us not to trust no one else but yourself, to say that humanity finally has lots it's decency. But I liked that they were smart idiots!

A lots of secrets will be revealed here and all the questions will be answered properly just to give meaning to even more questions. YAY. NO.  If  what the author was planning was making us suffer wondering about more secrets until The Human she managed to do it perfectly. This book is even more intriguing than the other and it made me so curious!!!

This book is exciting and fresh. You know that feeling of a a brand new book on your hands? This is what this story feels like. It's Awesome and I found myself looking at it like a kid in a candy story. I devoured it in a day, I tried to read it slowly and enjoy it but I admit that I am weak. It has all you can want and need, sweet and sour moments, action with loads of weapon and cars with amazing battles in between as well, romance with our dear main personas and a dystopian feel to it. Five stars!

* ARC copy kindly provided by the author Keary Taylor.

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