Rock With Me (With Me in Seattle, #4) by Kristen Proby

May 14, 2013

I've heard really good things about the With Me in Seattle books but never really go into it. But Rock with me caught my eye, either it was the story or the incredible cover, I don't know but I am so happy I read it!

This is such a distinct story, where the girl is hard to get and the boy is not a freaking macho man like many are trying to be. No. This is about a girl who has been wounded by fame and happens to fall in love with one of the most wanted men out there. And about a boy that had no intention of falling in love but after seeing the strong willed girl telling him to go stick it he was dumbstruck.

It's pure Love with all the difficulties and mistakes from the past, but it's honest and it's true.

I noticed from other reviewers that Kirsten Proby likes alpha-males with a strong protective side who like to care for their girls. And this did not let me down. Leo is just the perfect guy, the hard to know but easy to like type. I Mean who doesn't like a "Rockstar" boy who cares and protects what is his at all cost?. But not just because of that but because of his hard-demeanor that turned all cute and fuzzy whenever Sam is around, you could sense the love going on and it was Sexy! Also what i really enjoyed seeing is that this guy is not perfect, the wounds he has from his past are still visible turning him vulnerable and yet even sexy. OH MY and his tattoos !!  

Sam is a tiger! She's is a strong, and independent woman who is not going to be swallowed by her brother's fame or relay on him to pay her bills. She wants to fight for her future, have stability and a nice life by the ones she loves. She is so inspiring by being a Strong woman and serving as a role-model for so many young kids. She has her struggles with the past as well, but who doesn't? And who would have thought that a tiny bit of a blond girl would have that mouth on her? She is sarcastic with a big S and so so funny, i couldn't stop laughing with her.
"People usually annoy the hell out of me. Hell, sometimes I annoy the hell out of me."
This book also talks about the strong bond a family shares and how much it should be appreciated. How your families struggles with you, laughs with you and fights for you. The type of bonds between, brothers and sisters, sister-in-laws and brothers-in-laws, mother and father and etc.. It creates this tight unit that no one can brake. All of the secondary character were family and I loved them, all so different and all so loving and so freaking funny. OMG I was even crying at some parts.

So, to wrap it up I loved the With Me in Seattle number 4 book. It's perky and sassy with all the grown up humor you can take. It's strong and made to leave an impression, Kirsten Proby knows how to Amaze and leave us wanting more. Love. Love!!

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