Down London Road (On Dublin Street, #2) by Samantha Young Review.

May 22, 2013

Down London Road was a book that really surprised me in a good way. It doesn't rank higher than On Dublin Street but it's pretty damn close to it. It's as provocative and with characters that can kick you ass in no time. The guys have a ego and seem like mini divas in training and the girls can burn you on the spot with a look. They are strong and decided and are One of the traits of Samantha's Young type of writing I really admire.

Johanna Walker is used to taking charge. But she’s about to meet someone who will make her lose control....

This is putting it mildly, Cameron or Cam is totally infuriating and obnoxious. He likes his control and he's not ready to give it up so easily. But I loved to see that he did calmed down after that annoying, fake woman turned in to this brilliant, selfless girl when he got to know her that was just as lost as he was and he just couldn't resist her charms. He's sweet most of the time  but has a vile mouth that can hurt more than he knows sometimes along with Jo's ability of not being able to let the past go provoked some really nasty discussions . He's caring and trusting and as a character he was more than addicting.

Jo is seen as the fake, gold digging, whore that only dates older man with enough money to take them to the moon and back again. The truth is she is nothing more that a girl playing the mom role to her brother that is neglected by his drunken mother and with a father in god knows where.
She doesn't have a degree and the only good thing that will be her security in the future is the fact that she is a good girlfriend, she is self aware of her image throughout the story and sometimes even bad mouths herself a bit. She could't be more wrong from that, at first we may view her a bit coldly but then I warmed up to her and saw that I have never seen a more hardworking, loyal, strong girl with a mouth of a sailor. She's funny, smart and good at many things, but until you get her to admit it it's going to take a while but dear Cam will do it because he is that persistent in loving her to the end.
Had I finally found someone who actually gave a shit? Like … really gave a shit?
Cameron is the only guy that has ever made her feel impulsive, that made her live the world more brightly. And to Cameron, Jo is the girl that will test his boundaries and take him where he though he would never go. No need to say that they are perfect for each other. No one would guess they started like this:
‘Has anyone ever told you, you are the most despicable, judgmental  self-righteous, obnoxious fuckwit that ever existed?’ My chest rose and fell with my rage.
This book is very influenced by family, they all have a role here and nobody is ignored or ever alone. If you have a problem you take it up with your family because they will have your back! Cole, Jo's brother, is a strong adolescent that had to grew up with substitute and a thousand times better mom, Jo, She had to raise him and practically struggle to put food in his plate during some time. You can sense and see their bond, they are so united and the way it's described it's great.
He was my saving grace. I didn't know what I’d do without him.    
Joss and Braden are back more provocative and more engaged than ever!! No matter what they will always be the starting couple that originated this series and i am so glad we still got to see their impulsiveness in action along with their family.
Joss looked at Braden. ‘What do you think?’ Braden winked at her. ‘I think I’m looking pretty good right now.’ Joss smacked him across the arm for the both of us. ‘Not helpful, you smug idiot.’
Overall this book is five starts to amazingly addictive! It has steamy romance, hot guys, girls that are the spitting image of strength and a hole lot of intrigue to choose from.

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