Lost and Found (Lost and Found, #1) by Nicole Williams Review

May 27, 2013

After reading this book i am so going to go buy the tightest pair of jeans i can find and see what it feels like, just out of curiosity.

Let's admit it. It's not everyday that you see the goth, rebel girl and the golden boy get together. But Nicole Williams gave us a story about just that, it was fresh, new and pure awesomeness! Rowen and Jesse are perfect, sarcastic and so different yet so alike in many ways. She's dark and moody and he's happy and  always smiling.
“And last but nowhere near least, I wear tight jeans because I like the way the girls’ heads turn when I walk by.” His eyes twinkled. They goddamned twinkled. 
Groaning again, that time I did lean over and give him a half-hearted shove. “They’re only looking because they’ve been taking bets on when those things are going to bust a seam.”
After Rowen's mother sent her off to a ranch in the middle of nowhere with an ultimatum (You spend the summer there and I will pay or college), Rowen goes melodramatic. But then she has to survive a car trip with a Country music fan (Jesse) she suddenly starts seeing things off in a different way. Jesse is a Cowboy (High five, Nicole!) that has this tightest pants ever seen and the ass to go with it. He's all funny and positive that you think at the start that his life were all rainbows and unicorns, oh I've never been so wrong to judge a person in my life.  Jesse is hard working and has a great family, but it wasn't always like that. And when the story went way my heart broke a little bit more.  But he is also a strong character full of personality and with a story to tell, a real story.

In comes the walkers.  I never finished a book with so much enthusiasm about a  family before. These people don't judge, they trust you to trust them and they accept who you are, they accepted Rowen without asking nothing in return and turned her into a better version of herself. Rose and Neil, their three daughter and only son. They healed her and brought her back to life by showing her what love feels like. Never have I ever seen written a more amazing family. It literally will brighten your day to read about them because they are that caring and loving. They are one of a kind, really.
Yeah. I wasn’t living with just the nicest family in existence; they were probably descendants of Aristotle.
The whole cowboys scene in here it was great. It added that wild factor. And who doesn't like reading about a bunch of fit guys in with white undershirts and thigh pants riding their horses? I Like. I like very much.

Rowen is lovely! She Rocks this book. When I was first introduced to her I was sad, she was such a good young girl that was just unloved . By her mother and by life, so she rebelled against them. She started messing around with boys, drugs, alcohol and missing school almost ending her possibilities of a future. So she starts off thinking of herself as a failure, a freak.
"I didn’t want a label; I didn’t want to fit into a certain crowd. I was who I was, wore what I wore, and did what I did because that was who I was. Or at least the person I’d convinced myself I was."
But throughout the book we are in a transition part that I freaking loved, Suddenly Rowen does not feel like a freak anymore. Or maybe she feels like she is, but now she doesn't let that word, or any other word define her. She accepts who she is and she's proud of what she has become. She learned that to trust in the right people can bring you more than sadness and give you hope. She has toughened up and brightened up as well. Now she knows what she wants for her future and no one but herself can dictate that.

Oh My. I am so sad this is over and cannot, and I repeat, Cannot wait for the next amazing book to come out. I am going to literally name this book as my April favorite because I Loved it so bad! I have never read a book written by Nicole Williams but i will definitely look out for them, because they are killers.

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