Sins & Needles ( The Artist Trilogy, #1) by Karina Halle

May 02, 2013

Oh My FudgeNuckles! Why me? This book was meant to deceive us from the beginning and I never saw it coming! Not the first thing that happened and certainly Not the second one.

So you see you'll be calling lots of names throughout this story at the characters, not only because you have to pay attention to people or you'l be scammed but for the "I'm finally falling for him/Her" deal going on! And you'l need ice cream because this is sad.

The main girl is Ellie or Eden in some identities... she is a con artist and a very good one, using guys stupidity to get her money but only Bad guys with enough money to buy the moon.  But she's done with It so she goes back to her hometown, where hopefully they have forgotten her family of liars  and Her. She wants her fresh start but a sudden opportunity has came up. Camden McQueen that famous tattoo artist owner of Sins & Needles. One more time can't hurt, or can it? 
Scamming men on the internet? Didn’t your parents teach you anything?” “Yeah! To con people.”
This is a lot to take in. This was my thoughts in order:
1º Poor thing she just wants to start over.
 2º Idiot! Again? Why him?
 3º This cannot be happening and Oh she has feelings....
4º That happened! Bitch
5º Lying jerk! 
6º Oh a new guy and he's mean.
7º The end and somebody dies and all it's dammed! Me Crying!

The main characters had a rough childhood and teenage years. It starts there the melancholy and the hints for the future!! They were freaks, left outs and deformed in the eyes of society, She had a scar she was ashamed of and He was the boy with makeup on his face. While this part of the story is being told it's so sad that teenagers could damage this two kind and unique people. They were the only friends they had but after an event they were alone again, until they were twenty six and met again.
“You’re not bad, Ellie. The world is bad and you’re just trying to survive in it.”
Ellie. She's awesome, a Badass and very clever. I loved her character, her feelings, her fears and dreams. Her trust in people is damaged and so his her working honest skill apparently.
Camden was the character I had most trouble getting to know. I knew his motivations and what happened but some of his actions didn't settle with me, it took time for me to like him but know I do!!! SO So So much...
Also Javier, Is it weird that I Liked him? Because I can't wait to see more of him... You know.. green eyes!!

This book is all about the mafia. The Mexican Mafia being the principal which is basically a bunch of guys playing Macho Man and killing each other. But it added danger to the whole scene. The Story It's awesome and so full of action and secrets it will make you dizzy. Karina Halle created a relationship based on a dark past that turned into something more, something good. She put too people who felt left out and gave them meaning. I Loved this book and highly recommend it.

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