Captured (The Captive, #1) by Erica Stevens --- Review ---

June 02, 2013

It's good to go back where it all begun. I am feeling guilty that I haven't read a vampire book in so long. What is wrong with me? I forgotten how amazing they can be, but this one rocked my expectations! It was far better than I had hoped and far more interesting than the synopsis it has on Goodreads which gave the impression of an okay book. This was a great book.

Nothing in particular happens in this book that it's amazing, the story is not the best I've seen but the concept of the blood slaves, Resistance and royalty together is a killer mix. Join it with characters that were so full of personality and very realistic and you have this amazing book.

Aria is the daughter of the leader of the Resistance. When she gets captured and sold to the Prince, that has a reputation of being a cold monster, she expects a prolonged death not the gentle, understanding man that takes care of her and fascinates her. Together in a society where the humans are no more than blood slaves they will break the rules and defy the authority. But when chance offers for Aria to go back to her father or Stay with Braith, truths will be revealed and fates will be sealed.

Braith was one of the best described vampires I have read so far. He was cold when he had to be and he was gentle when the time asked for it, he loved Aria but he was also willing to step down for her safeness. How cute was that? But I also felt him to be a bit bipolar at times... Braith has a very uncharacteristic difference. He is blind but can only see around Aria. How unique is that? A vampire blind? And a vampire who has a wolf around him all the time? Oh My I am nearly passed out about all this information!
How on earth had it come to this? That he, of all vampires, had managed to find himself in this situation, in this predicament of being ensnared by the allure of a human.
Aria is a fighter, a fighter for her freedom and for her people. She does not do chains, but instead likes the freedom of the forest, and especially dislikes the ostentation she meets when entering the royal life when her people is suffering for the lack of conditions. I Loved her. She's strong willed, tough and very interesting. I found her to be a cross between Katniss form The Hunger Games with Rose from the Vampire academy. But I wanted more action from Aria, i wanted to see her in a fight since she is always saying she's good at it.
In her world, love was not freely given, hugs were not exchanged, and the only praise she had ever received was for her far superior skills with a bow and arrow.
The concept of the vampires in here were spot on, if vampire were real this is just how I think they would be! They are not meant to sparkle and be cute  but instead are made to be vicious killing machines because after all they are animals. This book was just perfect at portraying them as such.

Loved Captured and am just about to jump into Renegade because this ending was crazy!!! And I have to know what will happen next like NOW!

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