Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, #3) by J. Kenner

June 08, 2013

I'm sad it was over so fast! These books were really something spectacular, they were one of those book you don't particularly like the cover but when you start reading them you fall in love with the story and the characters....  J. Kenner really wrote a book worth reading. It's intriguing, it's fast-paced, with loads of action and really, really Hot!

I was so excited for the final book, the book where it all ends. And it blew me away.  The relationship between Damien and Nikki is even more turbulent in Complete Me. Both of them will cross barriers that we haven't seen so far and take leaps of faith in their relationship.

Nikki is one of my all-time favorite characters. She has it all, she is strong-willed yet fragile, she's tough yet damaged, she's the most complex character I have seen in a while. And in this book she toke charge of herself and confronted not only Damien with his secret and lies, but managed to open her own business with no help and built a name for herself.  She was very determined and responsible, she will have her ups and downs but her capability of coping with things doesn't go to her dark past anymore.
Between Damien and me, sex is as necessary as conversation. It is our method of discovery. Our sharing of trust. And out Ultimate surrender. 

And what would be of a damaged main character without equal messed up friends? Ollie and Jamie are awesome friends with awesome attitudes. Jamie is still the same reckless girl using men to forget her problems but she's going to finally find her path and work with it. Ollie is a cheater (I Like Him but he is bad!) and he's going to get what he deserves! But he is so very nice now and all the things he did in the previous book was forgotten!

Damien had some pretty bad path in Complete Me, secrets he has kept for years on hand will be threatened and his relationship with Nikki is going to take a turn. I Loved that now he still has the domineering posture but when Nikki says NO to him he accepts it (After being a bit mad).  Damien is the character that has changed the most, to the closed, dark men to the open and trusting Damien we have in the third book! I though I could not love his character more but in this book he's off the charts.
"Empirically, he is gorgeous. But it is not simply his looks that overwhelm. It is the whole package. The power, the confidence, the bone-deep sensuality that he couldn't shake if he tried." 

Complete Me is a sneaky bastard of a book, but is also the best. The bad guy in here is the last person you'l expect but when you find out it will leave you speechless and shocked! There will be decisions waiting to be taken to destroy or cement their relationship. It's a spinning wheel waiting to crash down! But it's the perfect ending to both of them. Love the books, all of them and I wished it wasn't over! I recommend it to everyone because it will warm your heart to read about such a passionate story!
Now I shall go cry because it's over!

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