The Keep (The Watchers, #4) by Veronica Wolff -----Review-----

June 07, 2013

If i compared this book to the previous ones it would be bad. It just seems like it's dragging the story and five chapters could easily be put into one. And beside, aside some repetitive attacks from the boys there was no action at all and it seemed like it was more focused on the romance part with Carden and Ronan.
I needed to stay alert. One of these days, there just might be a real blade and it would be aimed at my back.
Drew is starting to piss me off. She did not grew up or evolved from the girl in the first book and is starting to feel like one of those characters you know you'l grow tired of reading about. This is the fourth book and barely nothing happened with her, yes, she has more fighting skills and yes, the character is funny sometimes. But she whines and whines and whines again and all she can say  is "Why me?" or "It's all my fault". It's annoying. Though i have good things to say about her as well, she is strong and determined and a survivor at heart, but only the people who have read the four books will understand that!

Ronan and Carden. Ronan you are an idiot if you think you like her only as a sister! But i have to say that when Ronan protects and takes care of Drew is quite sweet. Carden you are also an idiot if you think you can hide your way trough the story and only come up when jealousy strikes you! But his accent is delicious!.
In our time together, I’d known Ronan to steal my nerves. My will. But Carden. He stole my breath.

There was something I liked though which was all the things going on with Yasuo ( he is an evil bastard now and I like him even more).
Also, all the boys in that school are perverts right? I mean half of the book is them trying to get into Drew's pants. Just saying.

Overall there is not much to say other than I did not enjoyed this book like the others, it was to slow and with nothing overly special going on. But there is hope for the next one. (:
“Aye, it’s true. I've spent long years seeking a wee dove to adore. But not because I wished for one to tend. I've wanted one with whom I could soar.”

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