Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3) by Abbi Glines 5 STARS

June 11, 2013

What's not to love about these books? A smoking' cover? Check.  Alluring Characters? Check. Addicting story? Double Check. Awesome Male lead? Oh yeah, Rush! And a great girl who can stand up to guys double her size? You go, Blaire!

See? If you have not read this books you have to go do that now! Right this minute! Go!
But if you have read them, then let's talk... Don't you love them? I do!

Blaire is pregnant and she and Rush are starting their own family. But with a twisted family and Nan's demands of  Rush to choose between his love and his sister, this is going to get complicated!

One of the things I always liked about this story is that it sucks you inside it and doesn't let go, until you realize you have reached the last page and have to wake up form this book induced coma! And you get so sad. This is a simple story, with nothing very complicated in it which adds to it's interest in my opinion. Also, the mind of Abbi Glines in creating this day-to-day problems and showing that there is a resolution for everything if you trust who you love. See? Simple.
“This sweet, determined, sexy-as-hell blonde walked into my life and gave me a reason to live.”
There is many new people in here. There is Rush's father and Harlow (which i think will play a big role further ahead).
“That is just crazy. You know that, right? Just flipping crazy! Having Dean fucking Finlay as your father-in-law. Women around the world want to fuck the man. You’re gonna be his family.”
I thought it was impossible to like Rush even more. Needless to say I was so wrong. Rush is the most possessive (he acts like a caveman) and the most strong willed guy ever and that's not always easy to deal with. But, Blaire does it with juts by snapping her fingers. You should see the care and love he is constantly demonstrating in this story to the baby and Blaire, it's the most selfless thing I have ever seen. It literally brought tears to my eyes.  But it's not always sunshine and rainbows because in this book he will be brought under load of pressure form the bitch of the house (I means Nan) which will be an even bigger bitch than she used to. Shocker!
Seeing the small baby bump outlined behind it made the caveman instinct to carry her off and protect her pound in my veins.
 I also wanted to pin my last name on her and beat on my chest like a fucking crazy man.

Blaire is complicated to describe because I see many people connecting with her and a sentence it's not enough to make her justice, so there's a word I am going to use. Real. She's realistic and lovable. Blaire has to open Rush's eyes so much in here that i don't understand how she didn't gave up more often. But she's strong as well and love can go to great lengths. About her pregnancy, it was hard on her she had many scares but even more joys. and the whole thing was really cute. I was so happy to have met the baby!
“Be glad I don’t have my gun because right now I’m considering the different ways I can get you to shut up. Let me scream and back off,” I snapped at him and grabbed my stomach as another contraction hit.

Forever too Far is the beginning of their life together. The future they will share as a new family. It's hot and passionate, it's cool and new. It's a perfect blend between romance and Hope.  It's just plainly perfect. This series never cease to amaze me.

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