Born of Illusion (Born of Illusion, #1) by Teri Brown Review

June 13, 2013

This cover is amazing! It's mysterious, dark and mesmerizing just like the book itself.  It's really something unique and special. Born of Illusion bring us the world of magicians, tricksters and sentimentalists.

Anna Van Housen since a young age is groomed to be her mother's side kick and was always told to step back and not steal the show. But her unusual abilities to sense emotions and talk with the dead is enough to make her stand without her wanting it.  Now, after years of moving from city to city, from jail to jail and having lots of money to being brooke she and her mother moved to New York to start a new life. What they didn't expect was the dangers lurking and expecting to take advantage of Anna's powers and of her father's status. Because Anna is the daughter of Houdini. Or so she thinks.

How cool is this? Freaking Houdini? Just because of that it's worth reading this story. We get to meet the man that marked his time and read a bit about him and of his tricks. Definitely one of the best parts of the book.
Harry Houdini is out to expose mediums, but I wonder what he would say if he met a real one. Someone who had really communicated with the dead or saw the future in terrifying visions or felt the emotions of others coming off them in waves. Someone like me.

But it's not because of the famous name this book carries that made it memorable. It's also because of the unknown ones, like Anna and her mother, Owen or Cole and even Jaques. They all made this book something great. Also, the description of the 90's is outstanding, all the dresses, the dances, the cigarettes, the drinks and the feel of a busy crowd. It's crazy that all tiny descriptions gained life.

Anna is one of those characters you don't easily forget. She's cunning, smart and very attentive to the world around her and the devotion she has to magic makes ME want to be a magician! One thing i did like about her was that she stood her ground and stood up to her mother eccentricities, and her mother is no easy person...
Why can't I be both a wife and a magician? A mother and a performer? Mother did it. But then again, Mother isn't really the best role model.
Owen.... Come on, if you think you can for a second you fooled me in this book you are soo wrong. He was such a spoiled, stupid character. I liked that he could lie very well until the end but I didn't like that the other characters didn't see beneath his pretty looks.

Cole... Seriously have more fun Cole, even your uncle knows how to have fun better than you! Cole was something like those shy, quiet boys who you know will turn out to be a teacher and that's not my favorite personality to read because sometimes feels a bit too uptight. But not Cole because he managed to mixed the seriousness with the rare smiles and cuteness and that won me over!
“Right now all I know is you swindle people for money and pick pockets when you're confused. Who knows? Maybe you rob banks in your spare time?
Anna's Mother was a bitch until the very end. She was my favorite character by far because of all the mood swings.  She started out very cold and distant but you could see that her decisions were only for Anna's good.

Born of Illusion was definitely a 4 star book only because i felt there was things left unanswered (but maybe it was to step up with the mystery? Who knows? ) The story was great and fast paced, always managed to keep it interesting with no stopping points where you got bored. Loved it :)

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