PODs (Pods, #1) by Michelle K. Pickett ----Review---

June 10, 2013

Now that i really think about it, the government sucks, I mean in all the movies, books, etc.. they are the ones who manage to destroy normality and create something vile.
A virus that was killing people so quickly there was no need to name it something memorable—there’d be no one left to remember it.
PODs was that Cute book that at the same time can be Badass and those books are so hard to find. A book that involved the terror with the romance and survival instincts with the turning of mankind into crazies... Awesome.
Michelle Pickett is a new author for me because i have never read something written by her but i'll definitely keep an eye open for her books. I loved the writing type because it was fast and simple yet complex enough so it doesn't look amateur. The fighting scenes were great, with all the gore and guns, the idea was used before many times but she turned it into an unique story. I am smitten to this book.

Eva is funny and wicked smart and in a world where everyone is on the rough side she managed to stand out in a very good way. At first you see her as a superfluous girl but then she changes so much and turns into this survivor/fighter.  She knows how to stand up for herself and protect her idea that women do not need to cower behind the guys and that they should know their way into fighting. She's tough and wasn't the type of girl who you know will give that scream that will warm all the bad guys out but instead wait and fight. I liked her a lot!
“So here’s my theory. If you wanted to rebuild a nation, you’d want young, healthy people, but also intelligent ones. After all, how could you build a great nation if it was filled with idiots?
David, oh David you can save me anytime! But seriously the romance part was in the right quantity at the right time. And David is that guy with dark hair and grey eyes that you know you can't resist! And when he was handling a gun? Oh my!
“I love you. I think I have since the day you first entered the POD. I knew I did the morning I kissed you. I still know I do because I’d lay down my life for you here and now.”
This book was awesome from head to toe! I devoured it and will be waiting for the next one anxiously.

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