Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3) by Sylvia Day Review

June 06, 2013

I have always thought that from the first book Eva and Gideon were made for each other. They make each other face their fears, they provoke one another constantly and they take their limits to the edge. They both have a dark past and different ways to deal with it, but since they met you can see a change in their demeanor because now they lean on each other to catch them when they fall.

This story was very different from the other books. It was more towards pushing the limits of their relationship and strengthen their trust. It did not had many action with the previous problems about the police or spoke much about it, but it did double the drama. This book still has that passion and pretty hot moments to be read but with more seriousness now.
"We are totally dysfunctional."
"I prefer 'selectively deviant´. But we'll keep that to ourselves."

Eva was always a woman i really admired. It's not anyone that can go trough what she went trough and be the strong, resistant person portrayed in here. I finally got to see a Eva that made Gideon her own. Claimed him to herself and told everyone else to go take a hike. You Go Girl!! She is much stronger and the initial struggle she had about commitment is serious worked out in this part of the story but at the same time is really good that we still get the bond she shares with Cary and not keeping herself with Gideon all the time. Her attitude is also put to the test, when she faces a lot of decisions that can change her life in a second, for good and worst. Overall this book pushed her to her limits and healed her thoughts on happy endings.
"Can I take advantage of you in the limo?"
           His eyes laughed at me. "By all means, angel mine." 

Gideon is Mr.Dark and Dangerous. It's one of the reasons I initially liked him but after seeing that there is more to him than what's on the outside it's even more of a pleasure to read his story. He has issues, it's true but in this book they are more bland, more controlled. All with Eva's help. He will face his terrors, work them out and claim his girl for his safekeeping. It was the version of himself that I liked most in these three books, he talks about himself, shares his secrets and let's a part of his heart with Eva. Finally.
"I'm filthy rich, but you just want me for my body." 
 I looked up at him, admiring the way his dark hair framed that extraordinary face. "I want the heart inside the body
            "You have it."

Cary is still my favorite character! Without a doubt it's great to read about him and I wished he had more story dedicated to him in Entwined with you. But there is a surprise in this book that i am dying to see concluded in the next installment. Yay!

The ending was unexpected to say the least, with a lot of questions waiting to be answered and problems without solutions. Also, i would've liked to have seen more of other characters like Eva's stepfather, Gideon's family and of Brett.

Did I mentioned Brett already? I like him as this relationship tester but put any dents in Gideon and Eva's relationship and he is going to have to deal with me!

What can I say more? To me Sylvia Day's books are always passionate and enchanting, with characters that create bonds with the reader and a story that can blow everything else out of the way.  Her style of writing in unique and amazing!

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