Dare You To (Pushing the Limits, #2) by Katie McGarry Review.

June 04, 2013

No, I have not read the first book in the Pushing the Limits series. Do I regret it after reading this one? Yes, majorly. Am I going to read it right away? You bet... Is it possibly going to be better than Dare You To? Never in a million years.

Beth has only two granted things in her life. The two best friend that grew with her and the constant knowing that when she turns eighteen she will save her mother from the abusive boyfriend that likes to use Beth and her mother as a punch bag, regularly. So, when she gets arrested and her long lost uncle makes her a threat "Either you will come live with me or I'll tell what your mother has been hiding and she goes straight to prison" she goes with him to the perfect town, with the perfect people and the perfect Ryan Stone. But what she wasn't counting on was the feelings her old hometown would revive.

I found myself wanting to finish this book right ahead! I read page one and I was addicted, it is impossible not to be! From the moment the words "I Dare You To" were pronounced i was hooked. Just Like that!! I admit I always liked a good dare so this book was a bliss to me. There is also a lot of football talk in here. I cannot play it and I can't sit trough one game without zooming out. But this book made it interesting to me in a way i thought impossible, by talking about it every second. But the kind of talk that involved the passion those players felt when they hold a ball and the rush every time they entered a field to play and kick some ass.

Think of the two types of people you usually see the farthest from each other at school. Then you have the jock, popular type and the Skater, loner type. And what happens when you put those two together in a room? This book happens. And it shows us that no matter how big the differences may appear they are one and the same at the end of the day.

"Bring it, Jock Boy. Your best won't be good enough."
 Ryan and Beth hate losing and love to declare wars against each other. Beth is always going to talk back and incite the fight and Ryan is always going to answer and poke the shark even harder. It's just the way these two learned about one another and it's how they found out they were more alike each other then they thought. And it's good that not one of them fell for the other right away but instead struggled to build a relationship that could last. They had to gain each other trust and learn that it's okay to stand up for what you want and let your fears go. They learned and teach a lot to each other and that made them more believable and alive.  I Loved this pair. I loved that both of them were misfits and could find solace in another person.  Those two were perfectly imperfect and and definitely defined the word LOVE that sometimes is so easily given away.

Beth is a complex character. She's had a messed up life but manages to be proud of what she is and held her head high. She is so strong but the empathy you create with her by reading her story is going to make you want to stand up for her, cry and smile with her and hit every bastard that dares hurt her. You will be like the annoying and over caring grandma always shaking her head along with the story.
"I Walk with my head high, shoulder squared. I'm better than them. No matter the whispers and taunts they throw out. Fuck Them. Fuck them all."
Dare You To discusses several themes all teenagers go trough: the constant pressure kids suffer from their parents, the weight they carry to choose the right future, how it's hard to accept the unknown, sexuality awakening and the day to day difficulties High School offers. It's fast paced and easy to read. I could not put it down and the writer has managed to make me a fan.

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