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January 01, 2018

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Brock Badd is everything except bad. He’s sexy, sweet, strong, and every other good thing I never thought I wanted in a man. I always thought I needed the real bad boys, the ones that screw you senseless and pull your hair and aren’t there to talk about it in the morning.

I’ve always been a one-night stand kind of girl, and sometimes I wouldn’t even stick around for a full night. Brock was supposed to be a one-night stand—that’s how it started out, at least. 

That was all it took. One night with Brock, and I was hooked. But hooked doesn’t mean ready for a relationship.  That’s what he wants. And deep down, I’m starting to fear that’s what I want too. 

I’m just not sure I’m ready for it. 

I’ve got it bad, real BADD.


The Badd brothers are back with “Badd to the Bone”. Is it only me that thinks the names of these books are EPIC? Because they are. In this book, Jasinda Wilder did an amazing job. The story itself is filled with emotions, heartbreak and redemption. It’s sweet, it’s hot and it’s overwhelmingly sexy. What else could we want??

No, we didn’t say that word yet, and I certainly wouldn’t be saying it first or even in return anytime soon. But I knew he was in love. And so was I.

I hated it. I didn’t want it.

But I couldn’t and wouldn’t give him up.

In the third installment of the Badd brothers, we have Brock Badd and Claire as the main couple. Brock is introduced as cool, calm and handsome and Claire as this broken girl that turns to sex to cope with her problems. And trust me, this book has a lot of sex. Like three-quarters of it is Sex. All kinds of sex. All the time. Not that I’m complaining.

The chemistry they shared was palpable in every single page. Brock helped Claire through so much even though she was a Bitch most of the time. (She broke up with Brock, told people to fuck off and did a lot of disappearing) But during those times where she was the meanest, she was also the most vulnerable. She wasn’t predictable, or the typical cliché and I found myself cheering for her to get better and to feel worthy of Brock’s love. And as the book progresses we see her battling her demons and move on from the past to focus on the present. I loved her, besides any girl that likes Top Gun is my kind of girl!!

“Don’t you dare quote Top Gun at me, woman, or I’ll fuck you silly, freshly showered or not.” 

I giggled. “Take me to bed or lose me forever, Goose.”

Brock was such a gentleman. He helped Claire when she needed and helped her build her self-esteem. He never, ever gave up on her. He, for sure is one of my favorite Badd brothers so far, because he was sweet and strong and passionate and even though he had his own demons to battle he never forgot Claire.

Badd to the Bone is a simple book with an intricate story of redemption that’s going to leave you breathless, and as always, the rest of the Badd gang were all present as well making appearances from time to time. I very much liked the family bond they shared, and we can see that a LOT now. They all have each other’s back no matter what. They are Loyal to the Bone and I can’t wait for Baxter and Evangeline story.


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